One Piece is almost reaching a runtime of 1000-episode now and surprisingly, it is still going strong. The anime recently aired its 923rd episode, and fans are looking forward to seeing episode 924. However, One Piece anime will be on a two-week break. Anime creators did not want this break on purpose so now you can stop cursing the poor team behind the scenes.

This two-week break in the anime is due to the fact that there is a sports festival going on in Japan. This sports festival is set to be on television on the same time slot as One Piece, so there will be no room for One Piece to air not for just this week but the next week as well. I know this is the heartbreaking news for One Piece fans, but let’s stay calm and wait for the upcoming episode, it would certainly be interesting.

One Piece Episode 924 Spoilers:

One Piece Episode 924, “The Capital in an Uproar! Another Assasin Targets Sanji!,” is set to feature an epic battle at the Flower Capital in the Land of Wano involving Straw Hat Pirates cook, Vinsmoke Sanji and one of the strongest Beast Pirates headliners, Page One. Compared to his previous fights, Sanji’s upcoming battle against Page One won’t be easy, which would force him to use the Germa 66 suit given to him by one of his brothers.

Also, we will be getting to witness how King will throw Big Mom off the cliff and separate her from her crew. It will be exciting to see how the animations will be handled in this new episode. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for two long weeks for the episode to drop by. One Piece episode 924 release date is 15 March 2020.