One Piece Episode 916 was released, it is another solid delivery by Toei Animation in the Wano Country arc. In episode 916, Kaido defeated Luffy with one single blow of Thunder Bagua. After being ruthlessly overpowered, Luffy ends up in the great mine which serves as a prison. I’m pretty sure most fans are looking forward to seeing what will happen next after Luffy was defeated. Luckily, we have received the titles and some information for the upcoming episodes. And you can check them out for yourself down below.

One Piece Episode 917:

“The Holy Land in Tumult – The Yonko Blackbeard Laughts Boldly” is the 917th episode of the One Piece anime. The episode will release on 12 January 2020. As shown in the preview for One Piece Episode 917, this episode is expected to feature three interesting scenes: the Straw Hat Pirates alliance making a move to take down Kaido, the major incident in the Holy Land Mary Geoise, and the clash between Gecko Moria and Blackbeard Pirates captain Marshall D. Teach.

Other Upcoming Episodes:

One Piece Episode 918: “The Plan to Overthrow Kaido Begins!”, will release on 19 January 2020 officially.
One Piece Episode 919: “A Rampage! Prisoners Luffy and Kid!”, will air on 26 January 2020.
Episode 920 is titled “A Good Reputation! Soba Shop Owner Sangoro!”.
One Piece Episode 921: “Sparkling! The Most Beautiful Woman in the Wano Country, Komurasaki!”.

One Piece Episode 917 – 921 Staff List:

917: Yokoyama/Komaki
918: Hosoda/TBD
919: Ito/Hisada
920: Nakashima/TBD
921: SB: Hiroshi Hara/ED: Koyama/Kitazaki