Wano Country arc finally came back after two filler episodes to promote the release of the movie “One Piece: Stampede.” One Piece fans have waited for this arc to come to the anime for a long time. But I believe it deserves this wait, the first few episodes of its adaptation definitely did not disappoint as fans continue to rave about just how great the anime has looked lately.

The continuation of the main story arc begins in “One Piece” episode 897. The episode is titled “Save O-Tama! The straw hats travelling through the wasteland”. While traveling across a wasteland with Otama, Luffy finally saw Zoro again. However, Hawkins, one of the enemy’s Headliners, will stand in their way. We will see the fight between Zoro and Basil Hawkins in episode 897 of One Piece, even though this episode might not have enough time to cover the entire confrontation. One Piece episode 897 will be released on Sunday, August 11, 2019.

Also, thanks to Reddit user – Prmas, we had the title of the next episodes. Here are the titles for episode 898-901 below:

One Piece episode 898: “Headliner! The magician Basil Hawkins enters the scene!”
One Piece episode 899: “Confirmed defeat! The assault of the Strawman”
One Piece episode 900: “The greatest day! O-Tama’s first Oshiruko.”
One Piece episode 901: “Entering enemy territory. The protagonists spread into the town of Bacura”

It should be noted that these titles are still in flux, and will potentially change for the official translated releases. Episode 898 still focus on the battle between Zoro and Basil Hawkins, but they do tease that the fight between Zoro, Luffy, and fellow Worst Generation member Hawkins might be lasting longer than expected. One Piece episode 898 is set to air on August 18, 2019.

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