One Piece Episode 894 aired last week, and it’s also the great episode that we’ve gotten in Wano so far. This episode gave us a lot more information on O Tama, especially the connection between O Tama and Ace.

Although it was just a flashback, we finally met Ace again after so many years. He’s also one of the main characters on this episode. Overall, the episode was a great experience and I believe the Wano Country Arc will be very attractive from now on.

Coming to the upcoming episodes, We have seen Boa Hancock appears in the preview of One Piece Episode 895. So, it seems she is going to be a very active part of the upcoming filler episodes because she somehow ends up meeting with Luffy.

With Episode 895, we’ll be entering a new filler arc that’s going to be related to Stampede. One Piece Episode 895 is titled “The Strongest Bounty Hunter Cider”, and this episode will air on July 28, 2019.

“Luffy Vs Carbonic King” is the title of One Piece Episode 896. It seems Luffy will be fighting against a bounty Hunter named Carbonic King, and we’re very interested to see how that fight goes. Hopefully, it lives up to our expectations.

For those of you wondering, One Piece Episode 895 and 896 will be the filler episodes. We will return to Wano Country after these two episodes, that means we’re going to see Luffy and Zoro meet each other after a long time. One Piece Episode 897 is set to air on August 13, 2019.