One Piece’s Wano Country Saga is drawing near its conclusion as the Anime features the final fight between Luffy and Kaido. The latest episode resumes the most important fight of the saga as Luffy criticizes Kaido for making people suffer just to achieve his goals.

The battle between Luffy and Kaido took an unexpected turn when their fight was interrupted by Guernica, a CP0 member. Fans were horrified to witness Kaido deliver a devastating blow to Luffy, causing him to collapse to the ground. Now, the teaser appears to confirm their worst fears.

According to the preview of One Piece episode 1070, the next episode is titled “Luffy Defeated?! The Determination of the Left Behind.”

The upcoming episode will likely adapt chapter 1043 of manga with title “Let’s Face Death Together!,” as the previous episode covered chapter 1042. It is expected to focus on the aftermath of Luffy’s defeat and show the reactions of others, especially those who are part of the raid on Onigashima.

The defeat of Luffy brings chaos among the pirate’s crew and allies, especially those like Law and Kid, who risked their lives to pave a path for him. On the other hand, Kaido quickly recovers from the shock of being unable to defeat Luffy himself and rejoices in his victory.

Kaido and his men attempt to take out all the alliance members. However, just when things look dire, Zunesha tells Momonosuke about hearing the Drums of Liberation. It seems ecstatic about the return of Joy Boy after 800 years. Therefore, it won’t be long before the anime features the most highly anticipated moment from the manga.

However, fans will have to wait another week as Anime will be on break next week. One Piece episode 1070 will be released on July 30, 2023. And the most anticipated episode where Gear 5 will appear completely, episode 1071 will be released on August 6, 2023.