One Piece Episode 1068 is coming soon and the fans are anticipating its release! Following Law and Kid’s victory over Big Mom in the previous episode, fans are eagerly anticipating the continuation of the anime. Especially with the appearance of Zunesha, a former comrade of Joy Boy during the Void Century, added to the excitement.

One Piece Episode 1068 is titled, “Moon Princess Echoes! The Final Phase of Wano Country!”

As Zunesha walks into Wano, Kozuki Momonosuke tells him that the big elephant is Joy Boy’s friend. Momo is asked for permission by Zunesha to join the fight and help him. Yamato thinks it’s cool that Momo can talk with the elephant.

Furthermore, Momo reveals that although Oden wrote about Laughtale in his journal, he decided to tear it off. The young Samurai fears the safety of his people and hesitates to “open the borders of Wano” as his father wishes.

On the other hand, Orochi finally learns that Komurasaki is actually Oden’s daughter Kozuki Hiyori. Hiyori reveals that the song “Moon Princess” that she often plays was her dad’s favorite. She wears a Kitsune mask because she can’t smile while playing the song Oden loved. Hiyori hides her face so no one will notice that she is sad and angry.

The episode will also show us the fight between Luffy and drunk Kaido. Kaido reminisces about his first encounter with Big Mom and grieves over her defeat. He also regrets that she would lose after they made a vow to find the One Piece treasure together.

The anime of One Piece is progressing, with recent changes bringing new exciting scenes. One Piece Episode 1068 will release on July 9 at 9:30am JST.

Also, according to official sources, One Piece episode 1069 is titled “Only One Victor – Luffy VS Kaido”. The episode will be released on July 16, 2023.