One Piece Episode 1014 was originally scheduled to air in Japan on Sunday, March 20, 2022. However, due to the recent Toei Animation hack, Episode 1014 is set to be delayed again this week, but has a new release date been confirmed?

For millions of anime fans around the world, One Piece remains a staple of their weekend TV schedule. However, the iconic series was notably absent from last week’s broadcast, both domestically in Japan and internationally on streaming services.

One Piece Episode 1014 is titled “Marco’s tears! The bond of Whitebeard pirates!”. In the teaser of the episode, we witnessed a variety of incidents, but Marco was always in the middle of the action. First, the King and Queen are in fighting posture, while Marco gets ready to take on Zoro on the rooftop. All eyes will be on Marco and Zoro.

Unfortunately, the next episode from the One Piece anime adaptation (Episode 1014) was delayed from its original broadcast. This is because Toei Animation recently had its internal networks hacked by a third party, which corrupted files and affected the scheduled broadcast of several titles, including One Piece.

Toei Animation released a press release on the hacking, explaining how the “impact on TV animation works [was] due to system failure caused by unauthorized access to our network.”

“We have decided to postpone the broadcast of episode 1014, which was scheduled to be broadcast this weekend. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to the viewers. On 3/20 (Sun), we will broadcast “Luffy Senior Support Project! Baltic Secret Room!” As “TV Anime ONE PIECE Wano Kuni Hen Best Selection”.” – One Piece Information, via Twitter.

There is no confirmed date yet for One Piece Episode 1014. As of March 17th, neither Toei Animation nor the series’ associated distribution partners have shared a new release window for One Piece episode 1014.

However, fans should note that this does not necessarily mean that the new episode will launch on March 27th the following week either – only that more information is to be shared after next week.