One Piece has been around for decades at this point, and some of its die-hard fans have literally grown up with the show. From the East Blue to Wano Country, Luffy has gone through all sorts of adventures in the past twenty years.

And now, fans have learned when Funimation will bring One Piece’s 1000th episode to fans. Thanks to a new statement, fans have been informed that One Piece’s big episode will drop on November 21, 2021. The episode is titled, “Overwhelming Strength! The Straw Hat Pirates Gather”.

Along with the release date of the grand episode of the anime, the official account for One Piece also posted a key visual, featuring the war of Onigashima between the Straw Hat Pirates, led by Luffy, and Yonko Kaido’s Beasts Pirates.

The key visual was partially drawn by the new character designer for One Piece, Midori Matsuda, who took the helm after Toshinori Fukusawa stepped down at the beginning of the Wano Country arc.

Along with Matsuda, the Chief Animation Supervisor, Keiichi Ichikawa worked on the other half of the visual, covering the Beasts Pirates. The anime staff for One Piece is known to have stepped up its efforts lately to deliver the best possible experience to the fans.

Episode 1000 is going to cover the Onigashima Raid following the first blood being drawn by the Akazaya Nine on Yonko Kaido. With the Beasts Pirates taken by surprise, the Straw Hat Pirates are likely to soon take the stage the more the story moves closer to the monumental episode.

Earlier this year, the One Piece manga also reached its 1000th chapter and has continued to heat up ever since. Although the war had barely begun in the anime, with a dedicated staff led by series director Tatsuya Nagamine and an incredibly talented staff, fans can rest assured that the anime will deliver, as it has been doing for quite a while now.