Howdy One Piece fans, we know that the Scabbards go after Momonosuke after leaving the “under the roof room”. They then meet Orochi (who was supposedly dead) along the way (Chapter 1009) and “exterminate” him without a second thought. This is the last time we’ve seen Denjirou…

In Chapter 1012, we’re back to the Scabbards. At this time, Kinemon is now asking the remaining Scabbards to “split up”, while he’ll go after Momonosuke. Denjirou is no longer seen here.

After reading these panels, we went back and forth. Couldn’t find any clue of Denjirou’s location until we turned our eyes to a panel that passed on completely meaninglessly up to this time… The very first panel of Chapter 1012: the Scabbards location at the time.

At this point, I guess you can already see what we’ve seen. Denjirou disappeared instants before the Scabbards crossed the Treasure room in 2nd floor… WHAT ELSE ARE WE MISSING in Onigashima that could (should) be in the Treasure room?

Could Denjirou be actually going after the Road Poneglygh?

Guys, this is obviously a theory. There could be a million answers to Denjirou’s disappearance. But we also know that Oda doesn’t show a gun that he won’t pull later on. Why would he specifically say that the Scabbards are crossing the passage between 2nd floor TREASURE REPOSITORY and 3rd floor? Wouldn’t it suffice to mention it was a passage between 2nd and 3rd floors?

This could explain many things:

– Why he wasn’t there to help Hiyori, Kinemon or Kiku.

– Why he’s taking too long.

– Why he hasn’t shown up amidst the fire – who knows what will happen to Onigashima? It could very well blow up or break down to pieces.

I’m intrigued, but we can only wait to find out! Wanna know what you guys think. Is there a hole in this theory that we’re missing?

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