One Piece Chapter 999 is just around the corner. Thanks to Redon, we had spoilers of the upcoming chapter. Thus, we will be sharing them with you in this post. Although not much, we can somehow know what will happen in the upcoming chapter. Now, we can get started.

One Piece Chapter 999 Spoiler:

One Piece Chapter 999 is titled “The waiting liquor I made for you”.

– At the beginning of the chapter, we will see Yamato Vs. Ace.

– When Ace was in Onigashima, Kaido was on an expedition.

– Ace came to Onigashima to rescue children kidnapped from the mainland.

– Ace says that parents couldn’t choose, Yamato responds that she wanted to go out to the sea and live freely like Oden adventure.

.- After the fight, they get close to each other, drink together, and talk about the young pirates of the sea, including Luffy.

– In the present, Marco tries to fly to the roof with Zoro.

– Marco briefly recalls Ace.

– Queen and King transform and try to stop Marco.

– Tama learns that Luffy is Ace’s brother.

– Yamato mentions that Luffy has a “D” in his name.

– Big Mom tells Kaido to keep Nico Robin alive.

– Kaido asks Big Mom about the girl with 3 eyes (Pudding) on her side, if she cannot read ancient texts yet.

– Kaido fruit is “Uo Uo no Mi (Fish Fish Fruit), Mythical type” (no more information about the exact model).

– Big Mom gave it to Kaido the day Rocks fell.