Chapter 990: The Lonely Army

Kaido makes an appearance in the chapter.
Jack (Mammoth) fights against Nekomamushi and Inurashi (sulong but still hidden).
King stops searching for Yamato and orders to stop the people who want to go to the rooftop since Kaido is there.

Zoro will be fighting against the King (probable).
Jinbei will be fighting again the Queen.
Sanji will be taking on the gifters.
Luffy goes Gear 4 and fights the Numbers. (He defeats them as well?).

Marco and Perespero make an appearance along with Xdrake with Hawkins together.
Who’s Who asks Drake to join him in taking out Queen.
It was a trap by Who’s Who and both him and Queen attack X-Drake. They both want to kill him because he was the one who freed Law.

X-Drake abandons the beast pirates and asks to fight alongside Luffy instead.
Queen and Who’s Who wants to kill X-Drake immediately.
Hawkins makes a prediction that the chances of survival are bleak ( less than 1%).

Hawkins is still unemployed, but plans to betray after divination.
Ferros Ferro opens the book, and Big Mom’s army, including Queen Mama Chanteho, appears in the book.