One Piece Chapter 983 was released last week. It’s a great chapter and this chapter revealed many things. Ulti’s devil fruit was revealed, she has a Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Zoan fruit. Big Mom created new homies for battle. Kaido’s son, Yamato appeared and took Luffy away, he helped him. Yamato will help Luffy and others to defeat his father, but what are his reasons? We can find the answer in the upcoming chapter of One Piece manga.

One Piece 984 Spoilers:

In Chapter 984, Ulti and Page One will come back to their senses and they are fine. It’s stated by the beasts pirates fodders that Dinosaur devil fruit users are very tough and durable. Dinosaurs devil fruit users are stated to have the amazing speed and durability.

Yamato wants to go and talk to Luffy somewhere where there is no Kaido’s subordinates, Luffy said that he can just finish Kaido’s fodders in 5 secs, but Yamato opposed and made a smoke screen. Luffy gives 5 minutes for Yamato to talk, the latter has said that he witnessed Oden’s execution and was impressed, he wants to fulfill Oden’s will.

Yamato’s mask fell and we get to see his bare face, Yamato watches Luffy and remembers Ace. The fact that Yamato is a woman is correct (he also stated that It doesn’t feel like Oda’s usual writing style).

Robin revealed a technique in which she can make 3 copies of her body. The samurais invade the Banquet hall, Law checks the situation from his submarine. Izo will meet Kiku after many years.

One Piece 984 Release Date:

One Piece Chapter 984 will be officially released on July 5, 2020. Raw scans for new chapters are released 2-3 days before their respective chapters are released.