One Piece Chapter 972 spoilers just been released on Reddit. The chapter will show us the reason why Wano was always closed off to the outside world and what happens during Oden and the Nine Red Scabbard’s execution. According to leaked spoilers, Chapter 972 is titled “I am Oden! I was born to boil!”.

One Piece 972 Spoilers

Reason behind Oden’s weird behavior for the past 5 years has been spread across the folks and the people are starting to understand him. Oden puts down a flag of his own.

“If I can endure through this boiling execution, I want to open up this country.” Oden, “From the distant past, it was the Kozuki family that seals the country from the outside world. This is to protect Wano from Certain Strong Power. Wano… no, not just Wano, the whole world is waiting for a certain someone! When the certain someone shows up after crossing through 800 years, Wano needs to be a country that can welcome and assist this certain person.”

Oden, “But I will be honest, they will definitely kill me today, so I hope all of you can help me open up Wano to the world.” Oden endures through the hour, everyone was very happy. Orochi, “I just changed my mind a minute ago. It will be changed to a shooting execution. And this applies to his whole family.”

Oden throws out the nine scabbards with all his might. He wants them to escape and do not turn back, help him realize his dream of opening up the country.

Oden’s Death

Kaido, “No matter what, your body has been dead. For the last compassion, I will be the one who executes you. Your honorable death will be passed on by the rest”. Oden, “Even if I am forgotten, that’s fine. My soul will forever live on”.

Kaido killed the old hag (Higurashi) because she poured cold water on his fight against Oden. Kaido, “Sorry about the old lady for I have already killed her”. Oden, “I hope you give your best to become stronger”. Kaido executed him when Oden was still saying his words. He shoots Oden in his head with a gun. Oda draws this panel as a silhouette. The folks helps him finish his words.

Oden falls in the boiler, dying with a smile on his face. Curtain closes, the next main character take stage. Upon receiving the obituary of Oden, Toki opens up a letter left by Oden which was kept in a drawer.

Oden, “Toki, I am already at my peak. If I couldn’t defeat Kaido, this means that at this point of time, there is no one else can defeat him. 20 years in the future, the world is probably gonna experience a Giant War that can split the sea. Which means that, in 20 years, the main character of the Giant War will come into the new world, the one that can defeat Kaido will be them. Wano will go on a very very long winter, when the time comes, I hope you can use your power. If I die……..”

Halfway through the letter, Toki tears the letter up.. Story continues in the current timeline!