One Piece Chapter 970 was released last week, the chapter showed us a fierce battle between Kaido and Oden’s team. Kozuki Oden finally got angered and gave a scar on Kaido’s chest, though he and his team got defeated. After suffering a massive defeat at the hands of Kaido, One Piece Chapter 971 is expected to reveal what type of punishment Oden and his team will receive. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a little longer to find out their fates.

One Piece Chapter 971.

According to Mangaplus, One Piece will have a break this week. One Piece Chapter 971 is set to be officially released on February 16, 2020. Spoilers are expected on February 13, and raw scans are expected on February 14, 2020.

In the upcoming chapter, we will get to see what actually happened between Orochi and Oden that made him dance naked. It seems that Orochi and Kaido had asked him to do that and in return, they would not hurt anyone and return Wano to Oden, but Kaido obviously did not stay loyal to his word.

In addition, we’ll also get to see the public execution of Kozuki Oden in the next chapter. Oden already knew what would happen to him once he failed to overthrow the two tyrants in the Land of Wano. However, he wouldn’t allow the Nine Red Scabbards to suffer the same fate as him. Before the execution date, Oden will find a way to help his team get out of the prison. After that, Oden’s wife will send Momonosuke and four of the Nine Red Scabbards to the future for a chance to fulfill Oden’s dream of opening the borders of Wano Country.

Oden’s wife had eaten the Toki Toki no Mi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows Toki to send herself and others forward in time. One Piece Chapter 971 might show fans how this happened. Chapter 971 would likely be the end of the flashback of Lord Oden, this chapter is going to be an awesome one for sure.