One Piece manga is getting very excited with the final moments of flashback story-line. In the previous chapter, we saw Roger disband his crew, and leave the ship. Also, Oden has returned to Wano but the country has been overtaken by Orochi, Orochi has acquired Wano with Kaido on his side.

One Piece 969 Spoilers.

Now, coming to One Piece Chapter 969, Oden is going to jail as Orochi orders, and he will be replaced by the old woman. One year after Oden’s attack he discovered in a newspaper Orochi gave to him, Roger’s death. Oden was laughing but crying at the same time when he knew Roger’s execution, Oden was probably forced to eat SMILE fruit.

Meanwhile, Gecko and Beast Pirates fight each other, where Kaido kills Moria’s crew. Moria will be stealing Ryuma’s body and Shusui. Orochi lured Moria to steal Ryuma’s body to blame Oden, which later became a reason for Oden’s execution. It is not known how Orochi, who allied with Kaido, lured Moria to do so. It might happen before Moria’s battle with Kaido.

Three years after that, Orochi kills Hyogoro’s wife and their 16 children. Oden decides he will stop Orochi and Kaido with his servants. Oden will ask Orochi to repeal the title of Shogun, but Higurashi will become Sukiyaki and inform Oden that it will not help as Daimyo thinks Orochi is the Shogun.

Oden’s Naked Dance: Reason for 5 Years.

It was promised that if they danced every day for five years, they would release the ministry’s family and the people working at the butterflies factory. He was also promised to return to the generals. Oden was dancing for five years, but Orochi broke his promise to him.

Oden finally reached the limits of his patience when 5 years after he returned, Kaido/Orochi broke two promises to him.The first was to give him a ship, the second was to return Hyogoro. Instead, Kaido murdered his family, leading Oden to gather the Scabbards to take out Kaido.

One Piece Chapter 969 will be coming out on 27 January 2020, and the raw scans will be available on January 24, 2020. There is no break next week.