After a long wait, One Piece Chapter 965 Spoilers were finally leaked. Fans are all excited to continue seeing Oden and his adventure as a pirate in the world of One Piece. The spoilers give us more interesting things about Whitebeard, Teach, Toki, Oden, Momonosuke’s birth, and Roger Pirates, so let us begins.

One Piece 965 Spoilers

According to the leaked spoilers, we found that Toki was born in Wano, as her parents were from Wano as well, but she didn’t know where she herself was born. In the next page, Whitebeard was fleeing the Marine pursuit. Oden, who didn’t know about the scope or existence of the World Government thought it strange that they didn’t fight them. Whitebeard told Oden that the government currently doesn’t consider Wano as something that they govern.

Two years after Oden set sail, Momonosuke was born. Oden now has a wanted poster, so Izo thought that he should consider his family and return, but Oden refused due to not having an answer yet and Toki said she’s fine with it.

During the two years time-skip, Whitebeard Pirates have grown and now have five divisions, and Oden was entrusted with the 2nd Division. An orphan with nowhere to go, Teach, also joined while they continued their adventures Oden desired increasingly to return.

About Wano

Also, we will see Sukiyaki in this chapter, he was critically ill and wanted Oden to be his successor. However, due to Oden’s absence Orochi was working as a substitute while concealing his last name, Kurozumi. Orochi promised to repay his debt to Oden and Sukiyaki while also clearing the Kurozumi name.

Orochi’s grandfather committed seppuku after losing to the Kozuki family. They were formerly one of the 5 great families. Orochi had been cooperating with an old woman, the user of the Mane Mane no Mi, making preparations to become Shogun.

Roger Pirates

Now a total of four years has passed, and Oden has finally met Roger Pirates, who had defeated marines. Roger mentioned that it’s not fun fighting marines who are not rivals like Sengoku and Garp. Knowing that he wouldn’t live much longer, he started thinking about killing Whitebeard (and he himself dying in the process).

One Piece Chapter 965 will be officially released on Monday, 16 December 2019. The scans for this chapter will be out slightly earlier than that, and we expect it to come out on December 13, 2019.