After a long wait, One Piece Chapter 962 will be releasing this week. Even though Chapter 962 is yet to be officially released, the spoilers of this chapter are already leaked on the internet. There are lots of interesting things to be revealed in this chapter, so we will be talking about One Piece Chapter 962 in today’s post.

According to the leaked spoilers, Chapter 962 title is “Daimyo and the vassals”. We will see Oden leave Hakumai and head for Kuri in order to defeat Asura. All money was stolen from a safety box after Oden left. Actually Orochi was the culprit, but he insisted that Oden stole the money. Orochi stole not only money but also Hebi Hebi Devil Fruit (Yamata no Orochi DF) from the safety box.

Oden heads toward Kuri rampaging throughout Wano. Kuri is a notorious place where even Shogun Sukiyaki can’t handle. During his journey, some people who admire Oden become his subordinates. Oden succeeds in turning Kuri into peaceful place. Sukiyaki stops breaking off the relationship with Oden and gives him a title of Daimyo of Kuri.

In the beach of Kuri, Kawamatsu discovers two living beings unconscious, Kawamatsu is not sure if they are humans or not. They seem to be Inuarashi, and Nekomamushi. We will also see a member of Whitebeard Pirates appear in this chapter.

From the leaked spoilers, we will see two brothers who are dancing to earn money for food, but is looked down by others. One of them is Kikunojo, the other one is Izo from Whitebeard Pirates’ crew. They are confirmed to be brothers. Izo and Kiku are from Hanayagi family, a family of dancers. It is based on one of the largest dancing style in Japan currently, the Hanayagi style (a type of Kabuki), founded in 1849. Their dad was convicted of a crime and they lost their family, they went to Oden and ask for food.

Chapter 962 ends with note about the Rocks Pirates. After 6 years pass, some pirates who used to belong to Rocks Pirates which got destroyed are getting more famous with their new subordinates.