One Piece Chapter 959 gave us a ton of information in regards to the reason why the raid has been halted. There are still more things to figure out but as of now, the Samurai of Oden are at their wits end…

Oden and his clan play very important roles in the current story arc. The last page of Chapter 959 revealed the silhouette of Kozuki Oden from 39 years ago. This suggests that the next chapter will focus on Oden’s journey. One Piece Chapter 960 will be a series of flashbacks, it might even reveal Oden’s appearance.

For so long, Oda has just given us Oden’s silhouette, but we have never seen Oden’s full revelation. However, we might get it in One Piece Chapter 960. Added to that, we’ll see how his story unfolded, how he met Whitebeard and then eventually reached Raftel with Roger.

Of course, all this won’t happen in just one chapter. In order to see Oden’s entire story, I think it will take about 5-6 chapters at least. One Piece Chapter 960 could show us the events when Oden was thrown out by his father. It could also retell the time when Kuri was made a proper region of Wano.

In addition, The latest chapter of One Piece also mentioned that Wano would open its boarders once again when a ‘world-shaking’ event takes place. Hopefully, Chapter 960 will reveal the involvement of Oden with the closing of the border of Wano to the outer world.

Oden’s appearance has been one of the longest-running secrets of the series. It would be fitting to reveal it during the Wano arc. So fans should also be ready to see Oden’s appearance throughout the flashback panels.

One Piece Chapter 960 is officially releasing on October 28, 2019. Meanwhile, the scans will be out by October 25, 2019. That’s it from today’s post. Don’t forget to leave your own opinions in the comment section below!