Even though One Piece Chapter 958 is yet to be officially released, the spoilers of this chapter are already leaked on the internet. After providing us with the Yonko bounties and some interesting information about legendary Rocks Pirates, Eiichiro Oda will take us back to Wano Country.

According to the leaked spoilers, One Piece Chapter 958 is titled “Promised Port”. The past of the late Lord Kozuki Oden with the Pirate King Gol D. Roger will be revealed in this chapter. The connection between Kozuki Oden and Roger Pirates was highly emphasized by Sengoku in One Piece Chapter 957. But in the upcoming chapter, we will learn more about their connection.

Shortly before the Great Pirate Era started, Roger pirates, including Oden held a party together. The spoilers showed that Roger Pirates doctor Crocus scolded his captain because he drank too much. Roger refused to listen to Crocus, saying that he would never obey orders from a drunkard doctor. Meanwhile, Silvers Rayleigh, Oden, Shanks and Buggy were having a serious conversation.

Thanks to SuburbanErrorist@AP, we had their conversation.

Rayleigh: Do you need a hand with something Oden-San?
Buggy: I can also lend you a hand, Oden San!
Shanks: You’re going to help? You’re just a burden!! What about me Oden-san?
Oden: Rayleigh, Buggyjiro, Shankstarou, thanks but, we the Kouzuki’s are the ones that have to handle this.
Buggy: I say it every time, but why the hell am I (Buggy)Jiro!?
Oden: Why Wanokuni has been closed off has always been a mystery.

From their conversation, it seems like Oden was aware that even his crewmates had no knowledge of why the Land of Wano had been closed to outsiders. He also decided to open Wano country in 20 years with his great subordinates.

After 25 years have passed, Kozuki Momonosuke, Oden’s son, led a mission to free their country from the hands of Shogun Kurozumi Orochi, Emperor Kaido, and the Beast Pirates. That’s where the Wano Act 3 begins. According to the leaked spoilers, Momonosuke and his subordinates gather in Udon, but no ships and 4000 soldiers can be found. There is a sign of having been attacked. Momonosuke can’t get in touch with Luffy and Hyogoro. An incident occurred last night.

That’s it from today’s post. We will be getting One Piece Chapter 958 on October 7, 2019. The scans for the chapter will be out on October 4, 2019.