One Piece Chapter 956 is out. The Chapter is titled ” Big News”, and it’s also a big surprise to all of you. As we learned in the previous chapter, the Reverie has ended, and the leaders have returned to their respective countries. After the Reverie’s closure, the Shichibukai was officially abolished. This decision is due to Dressrosa and Alabasta events where the leaders insisted that the Shichibukai caused damage to the country.

However, the most important news in this chapter is about Sabo, it’s implied that Sabo has died. Everyone was shocked, but we don’t know actually what’s happened till now. I mean we still don’t know Sabo’s current situation, because this information is not clearly mentioned in this chapter. However, I believe Sabo is not dead.

Another exciting revelation in One Piece Chapter 956 is the identity of the pirate X Drake. He is known as one of twelve pirates referred to as Worst Generation. But actually, X Drake is a Marine HQ Secret Special Forces Captain. One Piece Chapter 956 gave us a lot of information, but almost all of news are ambiguous, so I think One Piece Chapter 957 will help us to understand more clearly about this news.

For One Piece Chapter 957, the story could be returning to Wano, and that means the Act 3 of Wano arc is officially starting. When Wano Act 3 begins, fans will likely be brought to the start of the battle in Onigashima. Luffy and his allies are preparing to attack Kaido. But they haven’t yet realized that the leader of the Beasts Pirates is now allied with Big Mom, another powerful Yonko.

Also, it would make sense if Luffy learns of what happened to Sabo in One Piece Chapter 957. Thanks to that, we all will know Sabo’s current situation as well. No delay has been mentioned in One Piece Chapter 956, so expect to see One Piece Chapter 957 next week. We will be getting One Piece Chapter 957 on 30 September 2019. The unofficial scans of this chapter can be released on September 27, 2019.