One Piece Chapter 953 was such an awesome chapter that fans can’t stop talking about. The Chapter showed us a lot of interesting developments in the story around Kawamatsu, Gyukimaru and Hiyori.

In One Piece Chapter 953, we saw Zoro chase Gyukimaru by his blood trails, but he lost him again. Meanwhile, at the Bandit’s Bridge, Kawamatsu told Hyori about the northern region of Wano called Ringo where swordsmen’s cemetery was located. The meeting between Koma-fox “Onimaru” and Kawamatsu was also mentioned in their conversation.

Another important detail in this chapter is that Hyori asked Zoro to give back Shusui to the Wano and take her father’s meito “Enma”. This sword is the only sword in the world that left a scar on Kaido. Because Shusui means more than just a sword to Wano, Hiyori knows that and willing to give up the thing she treasures so much. Will Zoro accept the legendary sword “Enma”?

One Piece Chapter 954

Coming to One Piece Chapter 954, I think we will see Zoro’s answer. We all know Enma is a legendary sword, if Zoro accepts it, he will be the next one who gets new power-up. However, it’s not easy for Zoro to give up Shusui. Zoro got Shusui from Ryuma, the legendary samurai from Wano Country, after he defeated him in battle during the Thriller Bark Arc.

Ryuma is the owner of Shusui and entrusted the sword to Zoro after seeing his abilities. Ryuma voluntarily gave Shusui to Zoro, so I don’t think Zoro will give up Shusui easily. Let’s see how things unfold when One Piece Chapter 954 released.

Also, we didn’t see Luffy and others in the previous chapter, so we might see them in the next chapter of One Piece manga. Luffy is fine now, Chopper cured him and all prisoners. Queen’s bio disease treatment was an easy task for Dr. Chopper. And now when Luffy is all good for the battle again, all Udon prisoners are his subordinates and ready for final battle with Kaido. Thus, we can see them perform the first action in One Piece Chapter 954.

That’s it from today’s post. We will be getting One Piece Chapter 954 on 02 September 2019. The unofficial scans of this chapter will be released on August 30, 2019. One Piece Chapter 954 will be an awesome chapter for certain. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section down below.