One Piece Chapter 952 was released last week. Like the previous chapters, it’s an intense one as well. The chapter put an emphasis on Zoro, Kaido, Big Mom, and Udon Prison.

Big Mom and Kaido were still fighting in One Piece Chapter 952. But I don’t think they are going to get into a serious fight right before the big battle. Thus, I think we will see them stop fighting in the next chapter of One Piece manga or maybe in a few chapters later.

Also, we saw Zoro fought against Gyukimaru in Chapter 952. A few moments later, Kawamatsu appeared, and he said that they have no intention in killing each other, so they should stop the fight. Gyukimaru pointed out that Wano got conquered due to the rage of Sword God Ryuma about the loss of Shusui. That’s why Gyukimaru will not give up Shusui. On hearing the same, Zoro replied that he didn’t care about the god at all.

At the end of Chapter 952, the battle between Zoro and Gyukimaru finally finished. I believe they will have a serious conversation in One Piece Chapter 953. They will know they are allies and Gyukimaru might give us some information about Sword God Ryuma.

On the other hand, Luffy is fine now, Chopper cured him along with others. Queen’s bio disease treatment was an easy task for Dr. Chopper. And now when Luffy is all good for the battle again, all Udon prisoners are his subordinates and ready for final battle with Kaido. Thus, we can see them perform the first action in One Piece Chapter 953.

On the whole, One Piece Chapter 953 is going to be a really interesting chapter. Earlier, it was supposed to be on a break, but there is no such confirmed report now. Therefore, we will be getting One Piece Chapter 953 on 26 August 2019. The unofficial scans of this chapter will be released on August 23, 2019.