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One Piece Chapter 1092 is titled: “The “Tyrant attacking Holy Land” Incident”.

On the cover page: Jinbe is swimming with some remora fishes stuck to him.

The chapter begins with Kuma reaching Mary Geoise. Some guards appear to stop him, but Kuma uses “Ursus Shock” to wipe them out. Some Tenryuubito are injured too.

Akainu appears to confront him.

Akainu: “What are you doing here, Kuma!?”

Akainu thinks to himself what would make a doll with no consciousness like Kuma in the “Holy Land”. Akainu fights against Kuma. Akainu melts part of Kuma’s face (and I think one of Kuma’s leg too, but not 100% sure) with “Meigou” (Hellhound) the same attack he used against Whitebeard. Kuma doesn’t defend, he just run and then disappears.

Some Tenryuubito are shouting at Akainu for failing to capture Kuma. It seems Mary Geoise’s food reserves are at a minimum too.

We see a little flashback that takes place after Akainu captured Bonney 2 years ago (the continuation of the scene from chapter 595). Akainu told Bonney that her dad willingly underwent his modifications.

Back to the present, cut to Egghead Island

Kizaru Vs. Luffy Snakeman, they fight during several panels of the chapter.

Kizaru has light on both of his hands and blocks all Luffy’s attacks with his arms (it seems both are using Color of Arms Haki). They don’t use any new attacks.

Kizaru: “You’re very tough to fight, as expected of a man who defeated Kaidou!!”

Kizaru flies very far away from Egghead Island to charge his next attack.

Kizaru: “Speed is power!!” Then Kizaru flies back to Egghead and kicks Luffy Snakeman with full force. Luffy is blown through “Vegaforce-01”, destroying the robot completely (Franky is still at the robot). We can see 2 flashback panels of Vegapunk showing “Vegaforce-01” to Kizaru.

Thousand Sunny is OK because it lands on “island clouds”. Bonney attacks Kizaru.

Kizaru: “You’ve grown so much…Don’t force me to hurt too many people I know during this mission!!”

Bonney is kicked by Kizaru and she hits Egghead’s barrier.

Kizaru warps to the middle of the “Control Room” in the “Labo Phase”, right next to Vegapunk. In the last double page of the chapter, giant Luffy Gear 5 appears above them (“Control Room” ceiling was already destroyed) and grabs Kizaru with his giant hand. Vegapunk, Nami, Usopp, Atlas and Edison are shocked and their eyeballs pop out of their faces (Kizaru has a normal face).

At the end of the chapter, the Ancient Robot’s eyes power up after hearing Nika’s heartbeat…

End of chapter.

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