One Piece Chapter 1090 is titled “Admiral Kizaru”. We continue on Egghead Island. Saturn asks Kizaru if he can get inside the dome with his light speed.

Kizaru: Yes, but the man who protects the dome outside is my friend.

Kizaru told Saturn if he attacks Sentomaru, Sentomaru will order all the sea beasts and Seraphim and the Pacifista to destroy our ship.

Saturn said we need to protect three things: Punk Records, York, and the power plant that creates the Mother Flame.

We see Sentomaru blocking Kizaru’s lightsabers.

Cut to Luffy’s group

The Straw Hat gang (Robin included) plans to escape to Elbaf using Vegapunk’s machines. But York put a password on the island, so no one can escape.

Stella (Real Vegapunk) said they can escape by using the Vegaforce because it’s already next to the Sunny. Stella is trying to break the password that was set by York.

Luffy, Bonney, Franky and Lilith arrived at the location of the Sunny and the Vegaforce next to it.

It turns out that Shaka and Pythagoras died. Edison and Atlas are alive. The Seraphim are imprisoned in giant bubble balls. Seraphim damage is very minor.

Luffy thinks S-Snake is Hancock. S-Snake is in love with Luffy and she unpetrified Franky.

Luffy : Hey Hancock, please don’t use your abilities on my comrades!”

S-Snake blushes and says okay.

Robin and Kaku are injured, Kaku was lying on his back due to his injury when Lucci told him to rest. As for Robin, Chopper treats her and she thanks Chopper.

We see Lucci talking to himself, then Kaku asked him what he was saying, then Lucci responded and said “Nothing, I was talking to myself”

When Kizaru told Saturn that Lucci sent them information about what happened inside the dome, he said Lucci is very smart.

Lucci was staring at Stussy and when she noticed it she told him to stop.

Luffy talks to the Gorosei to negotiate. He tells them to leave with all the ships if they want York to live.

Vivi and Wapol are behind Morgans, they also listen to the call that took place between Luffy and the Gorosei, they all heard Luffy saying that he will become the King of the Pirates.

Then the Gorosei asks him about something. Luffy answers them truthfully, then Robin gets angry and hangs up.

Robin scolds Luffy for giving out information so easily. Robin says it’s a negotiation, but your act is stupid. Luffy thinks it worked, but Usopp calls him a fool.

At the end of the chapter, Luffy notices Kizaru has come to the island thanks to his observation haki and says “A strong person has arrived”.