One Piece Chapter 1088 is titled “The last lesson”. On the cover page, One Piece Live-Action series special Color Spread! We can see Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji in the front (in fighting pose) and the faces of Shanks, Koby, Buggy, Kuro, Garp, Mihawk, Arlong, and Krieg (or Smoker, not 100% sure) in the background. The sentence “tomorrow studio x Netflix” appears too.

Chapter 1088 starts with a flashback in the old Marineford. Garp is teaching a class for new Marines. Koby is in the class too, it’s his first lesson (he has the same appearance as in East Blue arc). Garp asks a question to all new Marines.

Garp: “If 1 baby and 1 old man get stranded on an island, and you have a boat that can hold only 2 people… Who would you save?”

Koby: “I would get down from the boat myself, so both of them can live.”

Garp: “You are wrong! The old man doesn’t have much time left anyway, so you just let him die!! Why did you all become Marines? Isn’t it to protect the people’s “future”? Then, you and the baby have more future than the old man. Only you and the baby must live on!”

After the lesson, Garp is scold by a Marine instructor. He asks Garp to never teach such things again, since all people’s lives are equal. Garp disagrees.

Garp: “The future of young people is limitless!”

Then we cut to another flashback at Amazon Lily, after Boa Hancock’s incident some days ago. Blackbeard agrees to leave Amazon Lily, however he’s taking 800 Marines and a battleship with him. Vice admiral Yamakaji only stands and watches since “Marine HQ” didn’t give permission to fight a Yonkou.

However, Koby steps up and offers Blackbeard to take him as prisoner instead of his men. Vice admiral Yamakaji allows him to do it since Koby is a SWORD member.

Back to present. Everyone on Garp’s battleship is panicking. They shoot at the giant hand but cannot stop it.

Then all three of them immediately move on Garp’s orders. Pirates are laughing, thinking Koby, Helmeppo and Grus can’t do anyting without Garp.

Grus asks Koby why Garp entrusted him with destroying the giant hand. He wonders if Koby has a bomb or something like that to destroy it. Koby replies he hasn’t any weapon, but he will try to do something.

Pirates shoot at them, Helmeppo blocks a bullet with his sword and gets caught up in an explosion.

Garp stands up and faces Kuzan. He punches Kuzan to the ground, moving so fast that Kuzan is surprised. Then Garp jumps on roofs toward the skull and attacks it.

Garp: “Galaxy Divide!!!”

Pizarro: “Ugyaaaaa!!!”

Garp uses a massive attack that splits the skull in two, making Pizarro’s real body heavily injured with blood coming out of his head. Grus and Koby follow Garp.

Koby then jumps into the air facing Pizarro’s giant hand. Pizarro is in pain, but he can still move. So he swings his hand down to crush Garp’s battleship in revenge.

Then another flashback starts, back to the time when Koby and Helmeppo first joined the Marines.

We see Garp and Helmeppo talking in the training field that we saw on the cover story. Garp noticed that Koby manages to improve very fast, but he has an abnormal amount of injuries on his hands and shoulders.

Helmeppo says Koby doesn’t want him to tell anyone, but the fact is that Koby knows he has less fighting skills than a normal person. So to make up for it, he needs to train between 100-200 times harder than other people.

Helmeppo says too that Koby has been training in secret every night by punching Garp’s “battleship bag”.

Cut to present, Garp is smiling while he remembers that training. All pirates are laughing at Koby, saying there’s no way he can stop the giant hand. Pirates say the “Hero” title must have gotten into his head.

Koby is about to attack the giant hand.

Koby: “If I can’t do this, everyone will die because of me… “Honesty Impact”!!!”

Pizarro: “Owaaah!!!”

Koby punches and destroys the entire giant arm in an epic double spread (we can see black lightning from the impact). We see that Pizarro is screaming in pain as his real arm is breaking.

Koby cries and tells the ship to head back, but Grus stops him (he’s in tears too). Garp continues.

Garp: ‘All of you are the “future of the Marines”!’

In the last double spread, Garp is lying on the ground with an ice blade stabbed on his chest. He’s surrounded by all Blackbeard Pirates and Kuzan.

Garp is still laughing as ice is spreading from his wound. We see Kuzan’s face but his eyes are hidden, making his expression unknown…

Narrator: “In the next day’s newspaper, the news that are reported to the world are…

The “young hero Koby” returned safely.

The “legendary hero Garp” disappeared at Hachinosu (the “Pirate Island”).

“Yonkou Straw Hat Luffy” is taking Egghead Island as his stronghold.”

In the final panel of the chapter, we see that Marines’ ships are arriving at Egghead Island.