Finally, after a one-month break, the much-loved manga series One Piece is coming back. After a successful surgery, Oda has been recuperating, and now, he is all set to return. Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of One Piece Chapter 1087, and spoilers are already starting to leak out.

According to early spoilers, One Piece Chapter 1087 is titled “Battleship Bag,” and in the chapter, the action takes place in Hachinosu, where the intense clash between Garp and Kuzan, as well as the Blackbeard Pirates, continues.

The chapter will continue to delve into a flashback that reveals Kuzan’s younger days, training alongside Garp, where two battleships were used as sandbags.

Cut to the next scene we see Garp being stabbed by Shiryu as he tries to defend Koby. This scene later turns into a fight scene between Garp and Kuzan where they are both punching each other in their face using Haki and creating huge explosions.

Garp showed advantage when he fought the other Blackbeard pirates and after Shiryu sneak attacked Garp he smashed him to the ground with single punch.

At the end of Chapter 1087, Garp lies on the ground, his fate uncertain, but his resolve remains unbroken as he reassures Koby not to panic, firmly believing that justice will ultimately prevail.

Excitement continues to build for the forthcoming chapter as it coincides with the celebration of One Piece’s 26th anniversary. Next week, fans can look forward to a special color spread in honor of this significant milestone.