Full Summary by Redon

One Piece Chapter 1087 is tiled “Battleship Bag”. One the cover page, Ace uses his fire to heat water for a Capybara bath.

Chapter starts at Marine Base G-1 (Ex-Marineford). Brannew is showing Jango and Fulibody the ruins of 2 huge battleships. Brannew explains they are “battleship bags” (like “sandbags” but actual “ships “). Garp uses them to practice his punch.

Brannew: “And there are 2 ships because one of them was used by Aokiji. Garp and Aokiji had a special rule: they never used Haki or special abilities when they’re punching these ships.”

Cut to Hachinosu (the “Pirate Island’), Garp is still fighting Blackbeard Pirates. Garp has thrown San Juan Wolf into the sea (we can’t see how Garp did it, we only see that San Juan Wolf is already in the sea). Blackbeard’s men try to help Wolf up since he will die from drowning.

Vasco Shot spits fire at Garp using an attack called “Heavy Drinker: Furnace Flame” .

Garp blocks the attack using Blackbeard Pirates’ beaten bodies as a shield, and then he throws the burning bodies around, burning the town. Garp calls this technique “Pirate Fireballs”.

We can see that the ship carrying Sword’s members and prisoners is already off the coast. Only Garp, Koby and Grus are fighting the entire island by themselves. Grus asks something to Garp, but it seems Garp doesn’t hear it.

Grus: “Garp-san… Am I the “future of Marine” too?”

Kuzan gets back up after Garp’s “Blue Hole” (the attack from chapter 1,081). Garp tells Koby and Grus to run while he stops the entire pirate army by himself.

Koby sees a woman that is being attacked by a pirate. When he tries to help her, Koby discovers he has been tricked by them, because the woman is a pirate too. Shiryu (in invisible form) appears and is about to stab Koby, but Garp blocks the blade and gets stabbed in his body instead (similar to what happened with Whitebeard and Squard in Marineford).

Garp grabs Shiryu and throws him to the ground. Shiryu is injured but laughing.

Koby says sorry to Garp. but Garp says Shiryu’s aim was to get him from the beginning. Garp is weakened, so all Blackbeard Pirates continue to attack him.

According to Cross Guild, Garp’s bounty is worth 3 Crowns (3,000 million Berries). It’s the same amount as Marine Admirals.

A new flashback starts, we see the first time Garp met Kuzan. Chapter doesn’t say when it took place, but Garp looks very young (like long before Roger’s execution).

Young Kuzan asked Garp to be his disciple, but Garp told Kuzan to go and train with the Marine Instructors instead (maybe Garp talked about Zephyr).

Kuzan refused and tried to imitate Garp by punching the battleships like him. As days went by Kuzan’s punch became stronger and stronger, until the sound of his punch was as loud as Garp’s.

Over time, Garp was getting closer to Kuzan. Garp even complained about his family to Kuzan while they ate snacks together.

Garp: “My son became a revolutionary, dammit! And my grandson said he will become a pirate!! Like I’d let him!!!”

Kuzan looked annoyed at Garp.

Kuzan: What does that have to do with me!!?”

Back to the present. Kuzan covers his hand with a technique called “Ice Glove”, Then Garp and Kuzan punch each other’s faces with Haki, creating a huge explosion (we can see black lightning from the impact). Both of them are thrown away.

Avalo Pizarro brings two huge arms from the island with his powers and is about to crush Garp’s ship. At the end of the chapter we see Garp on the ground bleeding. (We don’t see what happened with Kuzan)

Garp talks with Koby

Garp: “Koby, Don’t panic…Justice will prevail!!!”

End Of Chapter