One Piece fans are eagerly waiting for the release of Chapter 1086, and spoilers are already starting to leak out. According to early spoilers, One Piece Chapter 1086 is titled “Five Elders.”

At the beginning of the chapter, we get a narrator box with important names revealed. It’s the rest of the Five Elders’ names and they each have a title of warrior god:

– Saturn is warrior god of scientific defense.

– Warrior God of Agriculture Saint Shepherd Ju Peter (blonde one).

– Warrior God of Finance Saint Ethanbaron V. Nasujuro (bald guy with glasses).

– Warrior God of Legal Affairs Saint Topman Valkyrie (big mustache guy).

– Warrior God of Environment Saint Marcus Mars.

Mjosgard is sentenced to death by the Holy Knights, likely due to his approving the attack on Saint Charlos. We see the leader of Holy Knights too, who is allegedly from the Figarland family (Shanks’ family, this has been canon for months ever since Film RED).

It’s revealed that there was a Saint Imu from the “Nerona family” among the 20 founders of the World Government.

The spoilers then seemingly suggest the Reverie flashback to still be occurring, claiming that Lulusia “is to be destroyed” using a weapon made by Vegapunk. In other words, the use of the phrase “to be” would suggest that it’s before Lulusia is actually destroyed, which would likely have been initially planned at the time of the Reverie.

It seems S-Gecko and S-Crocodile are in the chapter. Big news Morgans and Vivi are also in the chapter.

Hiatus is starting from this week as per PewPiece (apparently one month long, from June 12th to July 10th)

Additional info:

Marshall D. Teach appears in the chapter with something important has a relevance to him (that thing maybe will be mentioned or appeared).

  • The five elders talks about the families of the 20 founders regarding Nerona, Donquixote and Figarland.
  • Morgans appears in the last page and the narrator says he (Morgans) is preparing for something will shake the world
  • Doffy seraphim appears in the chapter.

Regarding Marshall D. Teach’s information, it does not concern him directly, but rather talks about the famous theory that says that someone possesses a legendary Zoan type devil fruit, which is a Cerberus animal, which allows them to transform into a 3-headed dog and thus has 3 bodies capable of accommodating 3 Devil Fruits, as shown in this chapter stated that this Devil Fruit was possessed by someone else.