After a one-week break, there is crazy anticipation for One Piece Chapter 1081. Although the chapter is yet to be officially released, some early spoilers for the upcoming chapter have surfaced online. If you’re interested in it, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming manga chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers

According to the early spoilers, One Piece chapter 1081 is titled “Captain of the 10th Ship, Kuzan”. The chapter will focus on the battle between Garp and the Blackbeard Pirates. Also, we will know about Law’s current condition.

Blackbeard defeated Law. However, while Law and Bepo were defeated, both are allegedly still alive. This also suggests that Law still has his Devil Fruit powers, with every other person to have theirs stolen either already being dead beforehand, or having seemingly died from the process. Kid’s condition is still unknown.

Aokiji is the tenth captain of the Blackbeard Pirates.

Chapter 1081 shows fans a fight between Aokiji and Monkey D. Garp, the former protege and mentor pair respectively during the former’s time in the Marines. Garp did not defeat Aokiji but instead, he had the upper hand in the battle, meaning Aokiji got his ass whopped.

One Piece Chapter 1081 will also show us a small flashback that happened when Aokiji first joined the Blackbeard Pirates. At the time, Blackbeard asked him about “the man with the burned scar,” likely referencing the same person Kid referred to as the man “marked by flames” at the end of the Wano arc. It seems like that man has the remaining Road Poneglyph.

There will be another break next week, but we will get spoilers as usual.

One Piece Chapter 1081 scans will be released on Friday, 21 April 2023. This will be after the full summary of the chapter is released and will then be followed by the official release of the manga on Sunday.