One Piece Chapter is 1080 titled “The Legendary Hero”

Chapter starts in “Hachinosu” (the Pirate Island). We see how some pirates are talking about someone’s breakout. Then we see that Koby is escaping with other prisoners.

In a little flashback, we can see how Perona found Koby in a cell. Perona told Koby that she would release him only if Koby helped her to release Moria, who’s imprisoned in a deeper cell (we can’t see Moria in this chapter). Koby accepted Perona’s proposal and now he’s helping to release other prisoners too.

Other random pirates in “Hachinosu” try to capture Koby. They want to give him to CROSS GUILD because Koby’s bounty is 5 stars. 1 star is equal to 1 treasure chest that contains treasures for the amount of 100,000,000 Berries, so Koby’s bounty is around 500,000,000 Berries.

Normally the bounty for a Marine Captain in CROSS GUILD is only 1 star. But Koby has the “hero” tittle for the Marines, so his bounty is much more higher than a normal Marine Captain.

Koby is now running from other pirates, he’s acting as a decoy for the other prisoners. Some members of Blackbeard Pirates are watching all from the skull fortress in the middle of the island.

Avalo Pizarro – “Shima Shima no Mi” user (“shima” means “island”). Pizarro merges himself with wooden floor and stone wall, making the skull fortress moves and talks (skull hasn’t Pizarro face lol). It seems he doesn’t want to intervene.

Pizarro: “I don’t want to wreck the town right after they finished repairing the “Rocky Port”!!”

Vasco Shot – “Gabu Gabu no Mi” user (“gabu” means “liquor”). Vasco creates a liquor bubble and fly on it. He says he wants to burn the town altogether.

San Juan Wolf – “Deka Deka no Mi” user (“deka” means “enlarge”). San Juan Wolf is just sleeping.

Only the 3 of them and Shiryu are on “Hachinosu” island. Shiryu is standing in the skull fortress with Pizarro.

A flashback about Teach and Koby starts

Teach wants to make “Hachinosu” a kingdom approved by World Government and he wants to be the king. That’s why he kidnaped Koby, to extort World Government.

Koby says Teach that they can’t use him for negotiations since he is a SWORD’s member.

Kuzan explains that SWORD’s members are Marines who officially resigned and returned their codes. They can attack Yonkou without approval of the World Government and they are not bound to chains of command. But Marine take no responsibility for them and can cut them off anytime.

Despite everything, Teach still thinks he can use Koby’s “hero” title to pressure the World Government.

Back to the present

SWORD arrives and attacks “Hachinosu” island while some or their members are introduced.

Commander Hibari, the girl that appeared with Helmeppo asking for help to rescue Koby in chapter 1,061. She is a sniper that uses Vegapunk’s “GP Flower” bullets that turn enemies gunpowder to flower.

Rear Admiral Kuchaku, she is Vice Admiral Tsuru’s granddaughter and “Muchi Muchi no Mi” user (“muchi” means “whip”). She can command anything she whips, including buildings (she’s the girl that appeared next to Prince Grus in chapter 1,061).

Rear Admiral Prince Grus, he’s “Gunyo Gunyo no Mi” user (“gunyo” means “clay”). Grus can control clay and he can create golems. He even can change other SWORD’s members bodies to clay.

The other SWORD’s members that were next to Prince Grus in chapter 1,061 appear in this chapter too, and it seems Grus create golems of them.

Kuchaku traps all pirates in the middle of the island, thanks to the buildings that she controlls. Garp’s ship appears flying in the sky (like the Thousand Sunny when uses “Coup de Burst”). Helmeppo and Tashigi are with Garp in the ship.

Garp drops into middle of the island and uses massive punch attack called “Galaxy Impact” (“Fist Bone Impact”).

Garp’s punch destroys the entire town.

Garp: “Do you know who you kidnapped? Koby is the future of the Marines and my beloved apprentice!”

This is where the chapter ends and there will be break next week.