Thanks to Redon, One Piece Chapter 1,076 is titled, “Old friends”.

In the Color Spread, Straw Hat crew wears modern clothes like sunglasses, caps, jeans, hoodies… It’s similar to chapter 916 Color Spread, pretty cool.

Chapter begins where last one ended. Zoro hears Nami’s scream in the distance so he says they need to protect all Vegapunks and help their nakama too (we don’t see anything about the other groups in this chapter).

Luffy and Zoro decide that they need to finish the fight quickly, so they can’t keep carrying CP0 around.

Kaku talks with Luffy.

Kaku: “If we manage to go through this together, I will allow you to cuff me again.”

Luffy: “Oh, you will? Fine then, shishishi!!”

Luffy talks now with Lucci.

Luffy: “After we finish this fight, you won’t take it out on my nakama or Vegapunk just because you can’t beat me, right?”

Lucci: “Fine by me… I want to kill you first anyway! And after you’re dead, all of your nakama will end up dead too…”

Shaka gives handcuff key to Luffy.

Shaka: “You are free to do anything you want as long as you ensure Stella’s safety!!”

Luffy releases Lucci and Kaku, although Zoro doesn’t trust them.

Luffy and Lucci fight S-Bear. Zoro and Kaku fight S-Hawk. Luffy uses Gear 4 and Lucci uses his hybrid form (not awakened form). Kaku doesn’t transform.

S-Hawk has “Supa Supa no Mi” powers from Daz Bones/Mr. 1, so his body has the characteristics of steel.

In an amazing double page, Luffy/Lucci and Zoro/Kaku use a combo attack against S-Bear and S-Hawk.

Luffy: “Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun!!”

Lucci: “Roku Ou Gan!!”

Zoro: “Rengoku Oni Giri!!”

Kaku: “Rankyaku: Hakurai!!”

Both Seraphim blow away out of the building.

Cut to real Vegapunk (Stella)

Vegapunk wakes up in a secret prison inside the laboratory. He is an old man again but he’s injured and in chains. Vegapunk is locked up with some “Cipher Pol” agents who went missing some weeks/months ago (from “Cipher Pol Number 5”, “Cipher Pol Number 7”, and “Cipher Pol Number 8”).

Vegapunk wonders how he’s ended in the prison and he says too that it’s curious how his Poneglyph’s research got leaked to the World Government.

Cut out of Egghead Island

We can hear some communications from different Marine bases saying that more than 100 ships are heading to Egghead Island.

Cut to Elbaf, specifically in a bar near the coast

Shanks and Red Hair Pirates are drinking inside the bar. A giant kid asks Shanks if he can go with them in their ship but Shanks refuses him (like he did with Luffy in One Piece chapter 1). The bar lady tells giant kid to give up.

Some ships from Red Hair Pirates’ fleet are near the island and they inform Shanks that Kid Pirates are approaching to Elbaf. Red Hair Pirates talk about it.

Benn Beckman: “Our enemy must be angry.”

Lucky Roux: “Look who’s talking! Who do you think they have a grudge against!?”

Shanks: “Looks like I spent too much time talking! It can’t be helped since I’ve just met some old friends who I thought was dead!”

Shanks gets up from the table and continues talking.

Shanks: “I don’t want to cause too much damage to this place. Will you help me out, Dorry and Brogy?”

In another incredible double page, we can see that Red Hair Pirates are drinking with Brogy, Dorry, Karsee, Oimo and other giants. We can see that all of them really appreciate Shanks.

Dorry and Brogy: “Of course brother (kyodai)! We are ready to help you fight!”

Shanks walks to battle with Brogy and Dorry. Shanks tells Rockstar to go ahead and talk with Kid before battle starts.

Shanks: “Rockstar, tell Kid that he can fight against us now! Or he can surrender Road Poneglyph and leave!”

Kid Pirates’ ship is fighting other ships from Red Hair Pirates fleet in the sea. Killer talks with Kid.

Killer: “Kid, during our previous fight, you couldn’t even get to see Shanks’ face! This time you might not lose just an arm…”

Kid: “We can worry about that if we actually lose!”

Chapter ends with Shanks walking toward the coast with other captains cheering for him…

End of the chapter.

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