The early spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1075 are out, soon after the release of hints for the chapter. Although the spoilers are fairly short, they open up a world of possibilities for the various future plotlines of the series, and are thus some of the most exciting initial spoilers in recent memory.

According to the early spoilers, One Piece chapter 1075 is titled “Labo Phase Death Game”. On the cover page, we see Dr. Vegapunk meeting with the Gorosei.

Chapter begins with someone destroying all of the surveillance Den Den Mushi in the Labo Phase. As a result, Vegapunk Shaka is unable to see what’s going on in the Labo Phase outside of the Control Room. Likewise, he has no idea who is destroying the Den Den Mushi.

The Straw Hats and the Vegapunk Satellites will form 4 different groups. It’s unfortunately not specified what the groups are in this initial batch of spoilers. However, we know Stussy, Sanji and Jinbe are in the same group, and they’re not in Franky’s group.

One of the groups is attacked by S-Snake, the Seraphim model based on Boa Hancock. S-Bear and S-Hawk, the Seraphim based on Bartholomew Kuma and Dracule Mihawk, will attack the Control Room. Shaka gives them an order to stop but it doesn’t work.

Lucci and Kaku wake up. There are 2 Seraphim attacking them and both of them can’t do anything being handcuffed with Kairouseki. Thus, they ask Luffy and Zoro to free them to fight together.

There’s also no break next week, which is exciting to hear.