Thanks to Redon! One Piece Chapter 1075 is titled “Labo Phase DEATH GAME”.

Germa 66’s Ahh… An Emotionless Excursion Vol. 31: “Vegapunk is invited to meet the Five Elders since he is respected as genius scientist”. Five Elders are only a silhouette in the cover.

Shaka tries to contact Pythagoras but there’s no response. Shaka sees someone’s shadow in the monitor, but that shadow quickly destroys all Den Den Mushi.

Luffy noticed all voices in his headphone are gone because all communications are cut off. Luffy comes to watch the monitors with Shaka. The screens go black one by one and they can’t see what’s happening.

Shaka: “There’s someone in this laboratory with us!”.

Straw Haw crew and Vegapunk’s clones are divided in 4 groups.

– Group 1: Nami, Brook and Edison. Nami finds a treasure (man-made diamonds).

– Group 2: Chopper, Robin and Atlas. They find man-made organs and Robin thinks Vegapunk got chopped into pieces lol.

– Group 3: Sanji, Jinbe and Stussy. They are walking in a weapon-making area. Sanji wants Stussy to call him a dog lol.

– Group 4: Usopp, Franky, Lilith and York. They come across the place where Pythagoras got attacked.

We discover that Pythagoras survived because he jumped his head out of his body in time.

York finds S-Snake near the area and walks to pet her. Pythagoras tells her to stop but it’s too late. S-Snake turns York into stone. S-Snake then attacks the rest of the group, they have to jump down to the floor below to escape.

Cut back to “Control Room”

S-Bear and S-Hawk barge in and attack everyone, including CP0. Luffy and Zoro have to carry Lucci, Kaku and Shaka to avoid the beams (Luffy is not with his tongue out).

Shaka orders S-Bear and S-Hawk to stop but they don’t do it.

Shaka: “This means the person who gave them the order must be “Vegapunk” as well!!”

Lucci and Kaku wake up and say Luffy and Zoro that they should fight together temporarily to survive this situation.

Lucci: “Straw Hat take our handcuffs away… We are more useful to you without them!!”

Chapter ends with Luffy and Zoro making disgusted faces (like Oden lol).

End of the chapter, no break next week.