The initial spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1074 are out, soon after the release of hints for the chapter. Although the initial spoilers are fairly short, they open up a world of possibilities for the various future plotlines of the series, and are thus some of the most exciting initial spoilers in recent memory.

One Piece Chapter 1074 of One Piece starts with a bang, revealing the chapter title – Mark 3. The Chapter will focus on Egghead Island developments.

Sanji and co went to look for Vegapunk. Zoro didn’t go since the crew thought he would get lost. Luffy also stayed with Zoro.

The spoilers hint that 50 new Pacifista units have been released by Sentomaru to help our heroes escape from their desperate situation. It looks like he’s safe and sound despite his last encounter with Lucci. The Pacifista sent by Sentomaru aren’t Seraphims, and there to fight the ships that will come to the island.

Considering Sentomaru also released reinforcements for Luffy and Zoro, it can be assumed that Kizaru and the Marine reinforcements have either arrived at Egghead or are close to arriving.

There is a traitor on the island, that was the one removing the shield, and now he did something else.

Bonney found herself in an eerie realm of forgotten memories, where she witnessed a young Kuma enduring terrible mistreatment. Kuma’s Devil Fruit has the incredible power to create a visitable memory world, giving people the opportunity to explore and relive special moments.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world, Vivi has finally reappeared. Princess Vivi Nefertari is with Morgan and Wapol, where she’s come face to face with a controversial story idea—Morgan seeks to write an article about how the Strawhats have supposedly ‘abducted’ Vegapunk.

These are all the spoilers that are currently available. We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!