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One Piece Chapter 1074 is tiitled “Mark 3”. On the cover page, we see Queen, Judge and Cesar fighting among each other.

The chapter starts with CP0 agents that stayed in “Fabriophase”. They are being attacked by 50 units of a new Pacifista model called “Mark III”. New Pacifistas have sunglasses and wear different uniforms, they can also use a technique called “Bubble Shield” (slime-like shield developed by Vegapunk).

CP0 agents says that new Pacifistas are far superior to the prototypes Marine used in Marineford’s “Paramount War”. Sentoumaru is the one that released the new Pacifistas. He ordered them to assist Dr. Vegapunk to escape from Egghead Island with Straw Hat crew.

Stussy arrives where Vegapunk clones and Straw Haw crew are with the 4 Seraphim, Lucci and Kaku (both are still sleeping). The group decide to search for real Vegapunk separately, but Luffy and Zoro won’t go with them. Sanji asks to go with Stussy-sama.

Luffy is tired after all the running and fights. In addition, he broke his “DOM Shoes”, so he can’t fly. Zoro will stay with him because the others don’t want he get lost in the lab. Thus, Luffy and Zoro will stay in the “Control Room” guarding Lucci and Kaku.

Cut to Bonney

She’s in some sort of “Memory World” that looks like a grass field. Vegapunk is not with Bonney. Bonney sees the shadow of a castle and some Celestial Dragons. Then Bonney sees young Kuma being abused by some people (not Celestial Dragons, abusers are someone else). Young Kuma is being forced to return to somewhere or some people he knows will be killed.

Back to the lab

Pythagoras is searching real Vegapunk. Suddenly, Pythagoras turns around becouse he senses something and the part of the building where Pythagoras is explodes. “Frontier Dome” barries are down again and Vegapunk clones can’t close them. Shaka is trying to fix the problem, becouse if they try to go out now, they will be shot by CP0.

Cut to the outside of Egghead Island

We can see World Economy News Paper’s ship flying on the sky. Vivi is inside the ship with Morgans and Wapol (Wapol is not with his wife Kinderella).

Wapol is hiding from the World Government like Vivi. Wapol tells Vivi to keep her voice down since there maybe World Government devices hidden somewhere in the ship. Morgans is thinking a headline after hearing that Luffy is in Egghead Island.

Morgans: “Got it!! Yonkou “Straw Hat Luffy” took Vegapunk as hostage, took over Egghead Island and is about to start a war against the Marines. World Government is going to love this headline!!!”

Then Morgans tells his staff to go collect some money from the World Government. Vivi is angry at him.

Vivi: “Luffy won’t do such a thing!!”

Morgan: “Hmph!! You were crying until yesterday and now you dare tell me how to do my job!? I am the only one who can shake this world!! It doesn’t matter if it’s truth or lie, since newspaper is entertainment!!!”

End of the chapter, no break next week.