Thanks to Fleet Leader Fenaker, EtenBoby, and Redon! One Piece Chapter 1071 is titled “A Hero Appears”. On the cover page, we see Uta with the rest of the Straw Hat crew.

The chapter starts in the Red Line. The real Kuma arrives at Red Port and everyone panicked when they saw him walk towards the World Government’s symbol near the lift that connect the port with Mary Geoise.

Back to Egghead Island

Stussy comments that it seems Lucci doesn’t intend to obey the Marine’s order as he wants to attack Luffy and Vegapunk. CP0 agents blocks all of the ports and ships on Egghead Island. Lucci is very angry.

– Lucci: “I don’t recognize Straw Hat as Emperor!!”

In the lab, all of the Vegapunks finished packing all that they need (we can see just normal bags). The 7 of them will board the Sunny together (but we don’t see Atlas in this chapter).

Edison says that there’s one more person on Egghead Island that can help them. However, Edison is reluctant to contact that person since if he helps them, he can’t stay on Egghead Island and will be hunted down by the World government as well.

The real Vegapunk decides to call “that person”. The “mysterious person” speaks to Vegapunk in polite terms (we only see their face covered in shadow while they talk via Den Den Mushi).

Vegapunk seems confident that this “mysterious person” can take care of the CP0 while they get away from the island.

– Mysterious person: “I’ve been waiting for your order. Of course will help!!”.

Suddenly, the “Frontier Dome” disappears although no one in the control room did anything. Lucci wonders if this is a trap, Stussy seems confused too.

CP0 uses “Ceppou” to approach the lab (only Lucci, Kaku and Stussy as the rest of the Seraphim stay with the CP0 agents).

Pythagoras turns the “Frontier Dome” back, but CP0 are already inside.

CP0 sees the Thousand Sunny at the entrance of the Labophase, and Lucci orders Kaku to destroy the ship. Kaku is about to destroy the Thousand Sunny with “Rankyaku” but Zoro wakes up and blocks the attack.

Zoro and Kaku’s fight lasts around 3 panels, but Kaku looks panicked.

Luffy, Chopper and Jinbe reunite with the crew (Bonney is not with them). Robin realized that the real Vegapunk disappeared.

Cut to another location in the lab

We can see that Bonney is chasing the real Vegapunk. Bonney attacks Vegapunk but he begs her to listen. Vegapunk says he can’t turn Kuma back but there’s a reason behind it.

Cut to Kid’s crew

They are approaching Elbaf. We see a massive island silhouette in the mist. Kid is very excited.

– Kid: “Elbaf…!!”.

Cut to “Marine Base G-14”

Vice Admiral Doll is arguing with someone on a Den Den Mushi. She says all ships must head to Egghead Island now, they can’t spend their forces anywhere else rigth now. The person she is speaking to is Garp.

– Garp: “I’ve just arrived!!”.

– Doll: “What!?”

In the last page of the chapter, Garp’s ship arrives at the G-14 port. Helmeppo and Hibari are crying in the port.

– Garp: “Get on Helmeppo!! Lets go beat up those pirates and rescue Koby!!!”.


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