One Piece Chapter 1068 is titled “A Genius’ Dream”.

In the cover, Caesar and Judge continue to fight. Over their heads, we can see a ballon with a flashback about their days in MADS. We can see Vegapunk (with the same outfit as the picture we saw when Kuma described him) and some shadows behind him.

Lucci asks Pythagoras about the incidents where several Cipher Pol ships disappeared around Egghead Island. Pythagoras denies any involvement and insists that the CP0 must leave.

Lucci orders CP0 agents to prepare to abandon ship. Then they call “S-Bear” (that’s how they call Seraphim Kuma) to uses the power of its “Nikyu Nikyu no Mi” to warp all of them to the island. After they left the warship, the “Sea Beast Weapon” destroy the ship.

In Kamabakka Queendom, real Kuma also uses the power of his “Nikyu Nikyu no Mi” to warp away to an unknown destination.

Back to Egghead Island

Vegapunk reveals to Luffy that his dream is to provide free energy to people all over the world and that way eradicate wars for power resources. Vegapunk thinks he can feel energy in nature.

But as he gets close to discovering new energy source, his research brings him closer to the mysterious ancient energy. And that’s why therefore he knows to much, he will soon be erased by the World Government. That’s why Vegapunk asked Luffy to bring him away.

Luffy: “Yes, we’ll help you!! Your head is funny!!!”.

Vegapunk is very happy, he says he will go packing all he needs. Vegapunk tells Luffy they will meet at the top floor lab and to bring Bonney there. Then Vegapunk warps away.

CP0 arrives to Egghead Island.

“Vegapunk’s Defense System” appears and start to fight CP0. Nami and her group are watching what’s happening in the monitors.

Shaka orders to release “S-Snake”, “S-Hawk” and “S-Shark”, and then he gives “control authority” to Sentoumaru (we can see Sentoumaru’s image but chapter doesn’t confirm is he’s actually on the island).

We can see how CP0 explores Egghead Island during 2-3 pages of the chapter. Stussy knows all details about the island, she says it brings back memories. Kaku is very excited and run into some laser traps (Stussy knows the traps but she doesn’t warn Kaku).

Atlas appears and attack Lucci, Shaka tries to tell her to stop. Lucci uses “Roku Ou Gan” on Atlas, cracking her head and destroying Atlas completely (it seems Atlas is still alive but half of Atlas’ face is broken).

At the end of the chapter we can see Luffy and his group carrying Bonney. Suddenly, they come across Lucci and CP0.

Lucci: “Straw Hat!?”

Luffy: “The pigeon guy!!?”

End of the chapter. No break next week.