One Piece Chapter 1062 is titled “Adventure in the Land of Science”.

In the Cover, Cacao Island was frozen.

Franky asks Vegapunk if it’s really THAT VEGAPUNK. Franky is excited and tells her that he spent 2 years on his home island.

Usopp admires the Giant Robot and would like to show it to Luffy. Sanji is happy because Vegapunk is a woman. Robin isn’t convinced, she says she never heard Vegapunk was a woman. Plus he should be old.

Vegapunk: I am not STAR (the Kanji characters stand for “True Body”).

The woman introduces herself as PUNK 02, her name should be LILITH (Kanji stand for “Bad”).

PUNK 02 wants the Mugiwara to leave all their belongings, they need money to continue their research. But Nami disagrees and asks LILITH to save them appropriately.

LILITH wants to sink the Sunny and summons other sea monsters (also Cyborgs). She is called to the Den-den Mushi by someone. This is SHAKA, another copy of Vegapunk.

SHAKA warns her that she has the crew of an Emperor ahead of her.

LILITH thinks she has him in hand, but SHAKA replies: “You are underestimating them. Watch the swordsman on the ship”.

SHAKA: “He has a 1 billion 111 million Berry bounty. He’s so calm because even from a distance he could kill you in an instant”.

SHAKA continues: “The same goes for the one behind, the Demonic Child Nico Robin”.

LILITH: “But what could they do with all these armed sea monsters?”

SHAKA: “The strongest know who to eliminate first. You should act carefully”.

Zoro turns to Lilith and tells her he has a request. SHAKA tells Lilith to bring the crew with him, because he is interested in meeting them.

The scene move to Luffy and the others.

Luffy asks Bonney what she is doing on the island.

Bonney says she has been there before and reveals that
Bartholomew Kuma is her father. Bonney says she won’t forgive Vegapunk for what he did to her father.

Luffy and the others arrive in the interior of the island and are thrilled by what they find in front of them. The city is futuristic.

In front of them is PUNK 06, which looks like UTA from the movie Red. She reveals that she managed to control the temperature of the place. Punk 06’s name is ATLAS and is obviously another copy of VEGAPUNK.

We see Kaku, Lucci and Stussy. CP0 is talking about Vegapunk and reveals that there are 6 copies, each with its own name and character.

VEGAPUNK has created multiple copies of itself to be able to work better. All 6 copies are VEGAPUNK. (We don’t know if there is an original body at the moment).

With the CP0 there is the Kuma-Seraphim. CP0’s job is to wipe out every copy of Vegapunk.

Lucci wonders if killing Vegapunk is related to the Lulusia incident.

These are all the spoilers that are currently available. We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!

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