Thanks to Redon, One Piece Chapter 1058 is titled “New Emperor”.

Chapter begins in the Thousand Sunny. Nami is telling Luffy off for what he did when they left Wanokuni. Luffy, who is locked in a cage with his face covered in bumps and wounds, is introduced with the title “One of the Four Emperors”.

Luffy apologizes to Nami, but she is still enraged. Nami tells him that there is a limit to his stupidity and this time he exceeded it. Jinbe tries to defuse tensions saying that everyone is fine, so it’s not a big deal. Nami replies him furious.

Nami: “Stop spoiling him, Jinbe!”

Jinbe: “Whoah! Co… Color of the Supreme King Haki?”

Chopper warns Jinbe that he shouldn’t get close to Nami when she’s angry. Franky is proud of the Sunny, because despite having fallen from that height, it has only broken a yard.

A News Coo gives the newspaper to Robin, who tells everyone that their new bounties are out. Sanji runs excitedly to Robin, but he stumbles and the Wanted posters fly across the ship. Narrator presents the new bounties of the emperor “Straw Hat Luffy” and his 9 “commanders”.

[Doctor. “Chopper, Cotton Candy Lover” (Pet). Bounty: 1,000 Berries (increase of 900 Berries)]

Chopper: “What? It increased, but that’s…!”

[Navigator. “Cat Burglar” Nami. Bounty: 366,000,000 Berries]

Nami: “Hundreds of millions? I want them…”

[Musician. “Soul King” Brook. Bounty: 383,000,000 Berries]

Brook: “Yohohoho~~~ Yohoho~~~~~~ ”

[Shipwright. “Cyborg” Franky. Bounty: 394,000,000 Berries]

Franky is very pissed off because Marines changed his picture in the Wanted poster for a picture of Sunny’s figurehead.

[Sniper. “God” Usopp. Bounty: 500,000,000 Berries]

Usopp: “It’s enough!! Please don’t increase any more!!”

[Archaeologist. “Devil Child” Nico Robin. Bounty: 930,000,000 Berries]

Robin gives Chopper some cotton candy.

[Cook. “Black Leg Sanji”. Bounty: 1,032,000,000 Berries]

Sanji is lying on the ground, furious while he compares his bounty to Zoro’s and Jinbe’s.

[Helmsman. “Knight of the Sea Jinbe”. Bounty: 1,100,000,000 Berries]

Jinbe asks Sanji what’s wrong.

[Sword Master. “Pirate Hunter Zoro”. Bounty: 1,100,001,100 Berries]

Zoro: “Forget him. Don’t waste your time with number 4. Hahahaha.”

[Captain. “Emperor Strawhat Luffy”. Bounty: 3,000,000,000 Berries]

Luffy: “I’m sorry. Please let me out… I’m starving…”

The Sunny continues on its course, with its captain locked in a cage and Zoro and Sanji fighting once again.

Cut to the outside of Karai Bari Island

Cross Guild subordinates still cannot believe that their Chairman has been able to recruit two pirates like Crocodile and Mihawk.

However, things inside the big top are very different. Narrator introduces Buggy as “One of the Four Emperors”. We see that Buggy is crying and begging for his life. His face is covered in bumps and wounds, he also has some broken teeth.

Crocodile and Mihawk are sitting on the Chairman’s couch. Crocodile is grabbing Buggy’s head while Mihawk points Buggy with his sword (Buggy’s body is lying on the ground). Buggy begs to forgive him and he will do anything for them (even lick their shoes). Crocodile and Mihawk talk to him.

Crocodile: “Cross Guild is supposed to be an organization founded by me and Hawkeye…! Why the hell are you the Chairman now? Buggy…”

Mihawk: “You are probably the first and last person to become an “Emperor” at the cost of a simple apology Give up your life if you really mean it…”

Crocodile says that the word “embarrassed” is not enough to describe his feelings right now. Buggy asks them again not to kill him, Mihawk says that’s not negotiable. Galdino adulates Crocodile, telling him that it’s an honor to work for him again after so long. Buggy confronts Galdino saying if he’s going to betray him, but Galdino tells Buggy that he never became his subordinate. Mohji, Cabaji and Alvida see Buggy is finished, so they think they must follow Crocodile now.

A little flashback starts to the moment when the Marines surrounded Kuraigana Island where Mihawk lived. Crocodile called Mihawk by Den Den Mushi while Mihawk was gathering up his things to switch his base. Crocodile proposed him that they should work together now that the Shichibukai disapeared.

Crocodile: “You know that’s not a bad deal. If you and I work together, we will have an organization that even the Marines will watch out for! You’re the man they called “Marine Hunter”!! Also… we’re very similar when it comes to being careful with whom we trust…”

Mihawk: “…”

We see another flashback to the moment when Marines surrounded Karai Bari Island. While Buggy was preparing his escape plan, Buggy’s subordinates informs him that someone was attacking the warships surrounding the island. Buggy came out of the big top and couldn’t believe what he saw. Crocodile and Daz Bones were the ones sinking the warships.

Buggy’s subordinates says that the rumor about Chairman Buggy was like Crocodile’s big brother was true after all, and that is why Crocodile was now risking his life to save him. Buggy went along, but the reality was very different. Deep inside Buggy was terrified.

Buggy: “He’s here to collect my huge debts. But I have nothing to give him, what should I do? He’s worse than the Marines.”

Crocodile met up with Buggy. Crocodile told him that, knowing the kind of person Buggy is, he thought Buggy would just fly away. Buggy tries to make excuses about the money, he says that things are going well at Buggy’s Delivery but he has a lot of workers to feed and it costs a lot of money. Not to mention that their main stars, the “giants”, had recently quit.

Crocodile: “If you can’t make enough money, why don’t you consider selling yourselves?”

Buggy: “Don’t say such scary things! Aren’t we comrades that broke out of Impel Down together? Croc-chan ”

Crocodile: “Then pay me back the money I lent you for that “friendship”. If not, I’ll have to take care of the matter MYSELF. I need all that money in order to establish my new company!”

Buggy then finds a solution and offers Crocodile to join him and to serve him. Buggy says that he has everything Crocodile needs in his company to get Crocodile’s organization up and running faster. And Crocodile can use all for free. Buggy will also pay his debts with his work.

Back to the present. Crocodile looks at Buggy very angry as he holds up the Cross Guild poster with his hook.

Crocodile: “And after all we talked about, this is the poster you spread out all over the world. You look someone important on it, Mr. Chairman.”

Buggy: “It’s all a misunderstanding! I really didn’t mean it like that!”

Crocodile: “Then what does this mean?”

Buggy: “My workers did it, they have a lot of respect for me… I was shocked too!”

We see a small flashback of what happened with the posters.

Buggy: “What you’ve done with the posters.”

Buggy’s subordinate: “Oh, Chairman. I made you look the coolest of the 3 ”

Buggy: “Whaaaaat?”

Buggy’s subordinates: “And they have been delivered to every corner of the world”

Buggy: “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?”

Cut to the Navy Headquarters

Brannew is holding an emergency meeting. Brannew talks about Buggy, saying that he is not only the mastermind behind the Impel Down incident, he was also a member of the Pirate King’s crew and is said he’s a pirate that even rivals Red Hair of the “Yonkou”. Brannew adds that Buggy’s charisma managed to Crocodile helped him when the Ouka Shichibukai was eliminated.

On the other hand, they have been able to confirm the relationship between Crocodile and Mihawk by listening some conversations between them. Their “Marine Hunting” movement has attracted a lot of dangerous people from the underworld. So Cross Guild is an organization that could be a huge threat for them.

Brannew reports the bounties of these 3 pirates.

Brannew: “Sir Crocodile. Former member of the Ouka Shichibukai and Logia user with great intelligence and charisma

Bounty: 1,965,000,000 Berries!

“Hawkeye Mihawk”! Also a former member of the Ouka Shichibukai and a swordsman who surpasses Emperor “Red Hair” in skill. This amount is for the strongest swordsman in the world!

Bounty: 3,590,000,000 Berries!

“Buggy the Genius Jester”!! In addition to the previously mentioned… his power has made possible that Crocodile and Mihawk obey him.

Bounty: 3,189,000,000 Berries!

Acknowledged as a new Emperor along with “Straw Hat Luffy”, the government has labeled him as a dangerous factor to watch out for.”

Back to Karai Bari Island

Crocodile is tired of talking so he’s about to finish off Buggy, who is still begging for his life. But Mihawk starts talking, he says that maybe it’s not a bad idea to give Buggy all the glory. Mihawk is not interested in being an Emperor, he just wants to live peacefully.

Crocodile asks if he’s serious. Mihawk tells Crocodile that they can use Buggy to get all the attention and they can do whatever they want in the shadows. Crocodile tells him that he’s right.

Buggy steps out onto a balcony with Crocodile and Mihawk, and informs about the new alliance.

Buggy: “In order to prepare for the coming new era… We have created Cross Guild! Here are the commanders!”

Crocodile and Mihawk look seriously at the subordinates as they yell their names. Buggy cries, his subordinates think it’s because of the emotion, but Buggy cries for the life that awaits him now.

Cut to Kamabakka Queendom

Leaders of the Revolutionary Army have returned safely. Sabo is not with them, but they inform Koala he is fine. Karasu says that about the incident that happened after they parted ways, he chose to believe in Sabo.

Koala approaches Dragon, who says that if Sabo really murdered King Cobra, he won’t forgive him no matter what reasons were behind it. Dragon is in front of Kuma and talks to him.

Dragon: “Tell me… Kuma… What did you see?”

Kuma: “As you wish, my lord…”

It seems Kuma still acts like a slave. Suddenly, a Den Den Mushi rings. Marine Headquarters intercept the call to the Kamabakka Queendom, they say it might be the “Flame Emperor” so they start to record it.

Koala picks up the Den Den Mushi.

Koala: “Silence, please! Hi! This is Koala!”

Sabo (Den Den Mushi): “It’s me… Sabo.”

End of the chapter