One Piece fans are eagerly waiting for Chapter 1053. Although the official release of the upcoming chapter is still a few days away, some spoilers for the chapter have already leaked online. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter of One Piece.

According to the early leaks, One Piece Chapter 1053 is titled “The New Emperors,” the chapter will show us all Four Emperors of the Sea. The chapter comes with a color spread dedicated to the upcoming One Piece Odyssey video game.

With the recent downfall of Kaido and Big Mom, it was inevitable that they would be replaced. Of course, Luffy is one of the new emperors, but the biggest shock is that Buggy joined Luffy’s ranks in the process. Buggy is the new emperor.

Also, Chapter 1053 finally discloses the new bounties of Luffy, Law and Kid. All three of them have the same bounties i.e. 3 billion Berries each and the image on Luffy’s Wanted poster is Gear 5.

We also learn that Hitetsu is, in fact, Kozuki Sukiyaki, and he is talking to Robin about Pluton’s arrival in the land of Wano. After that, the chapter shifts its focus towards Ryokugyu. Ryokugyu’s real name is Aramaki, he can create plants and absorb people’s nutrients. We’ve seen Ryokugyu using this ability against King and Queen. He has a sword and wears sunglasses too.

There’s a big party in Flower Capital and also a lot of fireworks. Kid arrives at the party and shows Luffy the newspaper. The four new Emperors are revealed: Shanks, Teach, Luffy and Buggy.

The Wano Country Arc hasn’t ended yet, so there is no way we end Wano next chapter. Maybe we’ll end Act 3, but when we come back in July we’ll likely still be in Wano. As the final saga approaches, Oda will be taking a break from June 24 to July 25.

These are all the spoilers that are currently available. We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!