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One Piece Chapter 1052 is titled “New Morning”. On the cover page of the chapter, we see Germa 66 encounter Caesar.

Because the borders remain closed, it appears that Zunesha has left Wano, suggesting that Carrot will be with the Straw Hats for some time.

The conversation between Gorosei and CP0

Gorosei: So..Nika has finally made another appearance in this world..!! To think two of the Emperors would fall at the same time… That is not something we can cover up! The news of this incident will circle the world in no time! At the worst timing!! What should we do?!

At the sea near Wano

Gorosei: Is it true that Zou has disappeared?

CP0 agent: faded into the fog!! what was that?!

Gorosei: So the border remains closed!! The land of Wano is still an iron fortress then! They must have changed their plan based on the current situation! Looks like there’s a sharp one among them. At the moment an attempt to take over with army will be impossible. I expect that you’ll at least be bringing back Nico Robin…

CP0 Agent: of course sir!!

Den Den Mushi: CP0! CP0!

CP0 agent: An interference!

Den Den Mushi: Hey! You guys!

CP0 Agent: Who are yourself!

Den Den Mushi: Stay where you are! I’ll be..on my way!

Hawkins reveals in a talk to Drake that he meant himself when he said one person only has 1% chance of survival. Hawkins predicted Kaido’s defeat with his cards but didn’t commit another betrayal because of his pride.

7 days passed

The spoilers indicate that the one-week time-skip occurs after this conversation, when the progress of Wano’s land is already apparent in such a short period of time.

Law pirates and Kid pirates are in the harbour with Franky, Usopp and the guy (Minatomo) that Franky was a pupil of at the beginning of the arc. They are relaxing after repairing ships and the Franky Shogun. Bepo and Killer are saying the Franky shogun is cool. They are also saying that the bounties of the captains will probably be amazing.

Apoo arrives with Inbi from the Numbers (he was on his hand). He brings the newspaper with the new bounties and gives it to them. Everything is written, the new bounties and the people who are called the new emperors of the sea.

Sadly, Ashura died and Izo died in his exchange with Maha (tall CP0 guy). Someone is saying to enshrine Oden, Izou and Ashura at certain shrine (the leaker says to “that shrine”) and they put Ashura and Izou’s weapons there.

Onimaru also appears and he says or someone tells to him “So you were alive” And someone has asked permission from Marco to enshrine Izou there.

Yamato is crying, she is bearing her hunger at the top of the castle until Luffy wakes up. She is covering her face with her arms saying that she is hungry and that she isn’t hungry and just after that there is news of Luffy waking up.

Momonosuke ate a drop kick from Hiyori, but he is more strong now probably because of his devil fruit .He grabbed Nami’s breasts but he was sent flying and says it doesn’t hurt.

Everyone including Luffy and Zoro have recovered. We see Luffy and Zoro are eating. Momo comes asking if they have woken up and to make a feast today. The 2 look at Momo and ignore him and continue eating.

Nami was inviting Yamato and Kiku to the women’s bath but Yamato went to the men’s bath and is fooling around. Yamato is not even hiding her breasts (tho you can’t see it with the vapor). No talk about Yamato becoming a Strawhat yet.

Rokugyuu appears the last 2 panels, he is talking with Sakazuki and has a flower at his back and is flying.

Akainu: I’m asking where the hell you are right now!

Ryokugyu: Like I said, Sakazuki-san, I’m in the sky.

Akainu: and I’m asking where!

Ryokugyu: Ahhh I can see it now, the land of Wano.

Akainu: Don’t do anything unnecessary! You hear me? Ryokugyu!

Ryokugyu: Yeah I know! Trust me!

One piece will go on a break after chapter 1053 from 27th June to 25th July for Oda to prepare for the final “arc”. “Arc” in Japanese isn’t definitive of a singular arc that we normally think of in English, it’s more like a saga.

One piece will start the final saga beginning from chapter “1054”. WSJ 30, 31, 32, 33 will contain a small booklet called “Road to Laugh Tale”, which will contain Oda’s manuscripts that NEVER appeared in the manga.