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One Piece Chapter 1050 is titled “Glory”. On the cover of the chapter, we see Reiju and Ichiji arrive to help Niji and Yonji.

At the beginning of the chapter, we see Kaido and Big Mom are KO’d on the ground. Nekomamushi announces Luffy’s victory to all of Onigashima.

There are tons of explosions under Onigashima due to Luffy’s and Law’s attacks.

Yes, the narrator confirms that Luffy is the winner. In fact, at the beginning of the chapter the narrator says that the previous result (the winner was Kaido) is going to be updated.

And when the explosion of the underwater volcano takes place, we see a new text from the narrator saying that the winner of the “Decisive Battle in Wanokuni Sky” is Luffy.”

We can see in this chapter a huge volcano explosion in an underwater volcano in the sea. People can see the eruption in Flower Capital and in Udon prision (we see Babanuki in the chapter). But Momonosuke tells everyone in Flower Capital not to panic.

Hitetsu explains Toko the reasons of Yasuie’s death. So she changes the message of her torch from “I want to see you Daddy” , to “”Thanks Daddy”.

We see Toko and Yasuie’s flashback. Yasuie ate the Smile that Toko has eaten because he doesn’t want Toko to laugh alone.

Momonosuke says to Zunesha that he will open the border, but not now.

Momonosuke lands in the Flower Capital and turns back to human form(can’t see it because of the smoke). From the smoke, Hiyori and Red Scabbards appear.

Denjiro: “I have brought here the new Shogun of Wano”

The mines of Wano are collapsing, that makes the volcano under Onigashima erupt. That’s why Big Mom and Kaido are now covered in Magma.

You can see the 2 holes where Kaido and Big Mom have fallen. Both holes reach the magma area under Wanokuni and several fissures are produced in the land that reach the seafloor that surrounds the island (the red lines).

Magma comes out through these fissures and the fissures cause the explosion in the submarine volcano in the sea near Wanokuni.

In this chapter there is no evidence that Mt. Fuji is going to erupt, since the fissures go to the sea. At the end of chapter, we see Kaido and Big Mom covered under magma. It’s hard to say if they are alive or not.

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