One Piece Chapter 1047 is titled, “The capital’s sky”. The chapter starts on the rooftop.

Yamato: Make the flame clouds! You can do it Momonosuke!

Momo: Your words change nothing! I can’t! It’s impossible for me! I just can’t!

The flashback in Oden burning castle, when Momo decided to travel to the future.

Toki: Momonosuke! Go… Go with Kin’emon and the other vassals to the future 20 years beyond! And there you will revive the Kozuki clan.

Momonosuke: I can’t do it. Then…Why don’t you come with me? Mother and Hiyori, we’ll all…

Kin’emon: Lord Momonosuke! The one suffering the most right now is your mother. This is the land of Samurais. Where disgrace is pay for with lives. A woman has spoken her determination yet a man remains in doubts! My Lord that’s a shame no less than being humiliated in public!

Momo: But I’m just a kid!

Kin’emon: Forgive my bluntness, but with Lord Oden’s passing, you’re no longer a mere child. To be honest, I would like you to give us a second chance. At this battle. Compare to dying in this flames, I would rather perish while wielding swords for my Lord. Will you honor us… With a place to die as samurais?

Toki: Momonosuke…

Momo: Mother… mother!! I… I’ll be on my way!

Back to the present

Momo: Mother..I have failed her. No! Don’t get close to the capital. Wait! No…

Kaido: So, you grabbed thunder, what nonsense worororo..

Luffy: Gum gum Thunder!

Kaido: Huff! That’s good, mess around to your heart’s content…Huff! But “ability” isn’t what it takes to conquer the world!

Luffy: Gum gum……booft?!!

Kaido: Just like how Roger, a non devil fruit user, was able to do great things in the world. Only Haki! Exceeds all.

Kaido: Yamantaka* Thunder Bagua!

The “destroyer/conqueror of death” god in Buddhism. Translated in Japanese as “The one with great power” and also sometimes known as “the one who defeats Enma”.

Luffy catches Kaido.

Kaido: Let go! You’re just exposing your location. Dragon Twister Demolition Breath! Is your weakness of being vulnerable to cuts still there?

Kaido: Let go of me! Get down here already Strawhat!

Cut to the “Flower Capital”

Citizens: Let us set sail. Towards the ones that have passed. Release the sky ships.
Steady course!
So, the festival has reached its end stage. Tomorrow, we’ll be back to working as slaves.
Steady course!
Steady course!
I want to live for another year.

Toko: Ahahaha! Steady course! Reach my daddy.

Inside the Skull Dome

Samurais: Boss Hyogoro! Are you alright? It seems that Onigashima is going to fall.

Hyogoro: Hahaha, looks like we have Kaido at a corner then you guys! Which one do you prefer? The Strawhat person successfully defeating Kaido will result in us falling to death. But if we live, it also means that victory is Kaido’s.

Samurais: I thought you’ll have something more challenging to propose! My kid is in Hakumai. I have a wife waiting in Ringo. If we win, they’ll have a happy life ahead of them. I’m grateful! For the great nation this land will become.

Samurais: Mr.Strawhat! Give Kaido all you have!

Beasts pirates member: Have you samurais gone mad? You know all of us here will die right?

Hyogoro: Oh! That isn’t so bad.

Usopp: I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die! Damn it all I’ll live no matter what! Woah water?

Orochi: It came off! The sea stone nail falls off from some weird rumbling.

You bastard! I’ll definitely bring you down with me!

I hope you’re watching Oden! I’ll be…Taking your daughter with me!

Cut to the rooftop

Luffy: Hey! Momo!

Momo: Luffy…Huh?

Luffy: I’m going to end it all. And Onigashima needs to get out of the way!

Yamato: He’s going to punch through Onigashima!

Momo: Stop it! Luffy!

Luffy: Momo! I trust you!

Momo: What?