One Piece fans are looking forward to the official release of Chapter 1044. However, it looks like the fandom will have to wait a little longer to read the next manga chapter. Eiichiro Oda takes a vacation from work every few weeks to preserve his physical and mental health. For the same reason, the One Piece manga is on hiatus.

So, no new chapter will be released on the fixed date of 20th March, 2022. Chapter 1044 of One Piece is scheduled to release worldwide on Sunday, March 27th, 2022.

Chapter 1044 might focus on Kidd’s one last attempt to go out on his own two feet against Kaido. Kidd will try to attack Kaido in his greatly injured state, obviously fail, and before we get the fatal counterblow from Kaido on Kidd we get Kidd’s flashback of his pirate career: someone who thought he could be on top of the world but ultimately seemed to fail.

Once, his flashback is done and we are caught up to the present, what happens next: Luffy/Joy Boy comes in to save Kidd from Kaido.

This can both: close up the arc on Kidd finding faith in another character within a low moment against the same emperor instead of being betrayed he is saved and also start as an amazing jumping-off point for a flashback for Kaido and his pirate career: someone who also thought he could be on the top of the world but not has truly realized that he has failed.

Kaido seeing the actual Joy Boy or whatever is going on could definitely be an interesting trigger for Kaido to really think of his past and what lead him to his current situation in Wano.

Would be pretty poetic, and would also be a great follow-up on the integration that Oda did with Law’s and Doflamingo’s backstories in Dressrosa of two pirates actively trying to fight their destiny. After the backstories are all done then we are set for lore galore and the finality of the raid and we can move on forward and wrap up the raid. What do y’all think of my crackpot ideas?