One Piece Chapter 1038 is set to be released this Sunday, following a one-week break. However, scans for this chapter might be released this Friday. Today, some early spoilers for the upcoming chapter have surfaced online. So, I will be sharing them with you in this post. Here’s what we know about the next chapter.

Thanks to Redon from Mangahelpers Forum.

Chapter 1038 Spoilers:

One Piece Chapter 1038 is titled, “Kid & Law Vs. Big Mom”.

– On the cover, Yonji and Niji have been caught by Big Mom in The Mont d’Or Creature Book.

– We will see Raizou Vs. Fukurokuju, both are burning but not releasing their jutsus.

– Chopper is concerned about Zoro and the adverse effects of the Mink’s medicine.

– In front of Zoro appears a skeleton with a large scythe.

– Izou has defeated his enemy but CP0 appears. They seem to be sidelined because they have urgent matters to attend to but Izou stops them.

– Yamato tries to stop the fire demon by attacking it directly.

Kid & Law Vs. Big Mom.

At the beginning of this part, we see that Big Mom had defeated them.

– Big Mom leaves for Kaidou, but Kid and Law attack her again.

– Kid and Law: “Listen, old lady! Even if we die, we won’t let you get to the roof!”

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!