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One Piece Chapter 1037 Title: “Shuron Hakke”.

The chapter starts in the “Flower Capital”. We see that people are still enjoying the festival, although it’s already ending. Some children and adults are writing wishes on floating paper lanterns to send them to their ancestors and fulfill the wishes.

Cut to the roof of Onigashima’s castle.

The fight between Luffy and Kaidou has stopped. Luffy looks surprised at Kaidou (who is back to human form) because Kaidou has gotten a barrel of sake and is calmly drinking it. Luffy yells at him angrily.

Luffy: “Why are you drinking?”

Kaidou: “I’m drinking because I’m having fun. Do you want some too? Today is the “Fire Festival” in the capital. We also held a “great banquet” at Onigashima! Although you have ruined it! Fufufu…”

Suddenly, Kaidou starts crying with laughter.

Kaidou: “Haaahaahaha!! Hohoho! Wi~~~!!!”

Luffy: “You’re drunk?”

Luffy takes off his cloak and runs towards Kaidou.

Luffy: “If you lose, you won’t use that you were “drunk” as excuse, right?”

Kaidou keeps laughing, he’s leaning on his Kanabo to keep from falling.

Kaidou: “Fuhihi… You fucking idiot! Wohohohohohoho! Getting drunk doesn’t make me weaker. I recognize you are STRONG. Wohahahahahahahaha!!!”

Luffy blows up his right arm and stretches it out to attack Kaidou as he continues speaking.

Kaidou: “It’s been a while since I fight anyone 1 Vs. 1 this seriously! Wi~~~!”

Luffy attacks Kaidou, but Kaidou jumps back as he laughs and dodges the attack with a new technique.

Kaidou: “Shuron Hakke” (Sake Dragon Bagua).

Kaidou changes to his hybrid form and uses a new battle style.

Kaidou: ““Warai Jogo” (Laughing Drunk Mode).

Then Kaidou hits Luffy with his kanabo.

Kaidou: “Woororo! “Ragnaraku!””.

Kaidou’s attack has been so strong that people on the Live Floor see how part of the roof collapses. Luffy suffers the blow, Kaidou hit him on the forehead.

Luffy: “Woahhhh~~~!!”

Kaidou changes to his dragon form. He’s on the ground, reeling from drunkenness.

Kaidou: “This is fun, but both the castle and the island are half destroyed…! I’m useless…I can’t protect even a single castle…”

Luffy: “That hurts ~~~!!! Dammit!!!”

Kaidou is devastated and sad, a text box tells us that he’s into his “Sad Drunk Mode”

Kaidou: “Just rebuild it…! It will take around 5 years…!?Wi~~~”

Luffy gets up and runs towards Kaidou.

Luffy: “I must be careful! Hah, hah…”

Kaidou: “I’ve done my best~~~…Hic.Wi~~~ But…Maybe it was not enough…”

When Luffy is about to reach Kaidou, he attacks Luffy.

Kaidou: ““Tatsu Maki Kaifuu” (Dragon Twister Demolition Breath)”

Luffy: “Uohh!!!”

Luffy manages to deflect one of Kaidou’s cutting blades, which cuts a rock in half easily. Kaidou changes to hybrid form and starts crying uncontrollably. Another text box tells us that Kaidou is now into his “Crying Drunk Mode”

Kaidou: “Stay away from me…! Shut up, stupid brat!”

Kaidou prepares to attack Luffy again with his kanabo.

Kaidou: “Uonhhh!! …Hic! A persistent one like you should take this. “Raimei”!”

Luffy: “Hah… Hah…I won’t let you do it…”

Kaidou: ““Ha”…!!”

Kaidou tries to attack Luffy with “Raimei Hakke”, but just before he can do it, Luffy jumps up and dodges the attack. Luffy leans upon the kanabo to propel himself towards Kaidou, and in an impressive double page, he hits Kaidou’s chin with a powerful kick with his left leg that he stretched just before. The attack is very powerful, with black lightings.

But Kaidou doesn’t give up, and manages to catch Luffy’s right leg with his tail. Kaidou (who is still crying) drags Luffy towards him with his tail and they both collide with a huge headbutt. The impact is gigantic and a lot of black lightings come out of it. But Luffy and Kaidou heads do not touch.

However, Kaidou prevailes over Luffy (that flies away).

Luffy: “Uahh! His Haki is more powerful…! ”

After the crash, it seems that Kaidou drunkenness is getting over.

Kaidou: “… Ouhh!!… Damn, I feel stange…! Wi~~~”

Suddenly, Kaidou gets angry and becomes very aggressive. Then he attacks Luffy with “Bolo Breath”. A new text box tells us that Kaidou is now into his “Anger Drunk Mode”.

Kaidou: “I’m getting sober!”

Luffy dodges “Bolo Breath” and goes again after Kaidou.

Luffy: “Hah, hah.“Gomu Gomu no”…“Roc”…!!!”

Just before hitting him, Luffy sees that Kaidou starts spinning his kanabo in circles. In another masterful double page, Luffy and Kaidou attack at the same time.

Luffy: ““Gatling” (Gum-Gum Roc Gatling)”.

Kaidou: ““Gundari*: Ryuseigun” (Gundari: Dragon Army)”.

*Translation note: “Gundari” is one of the 5 Wisdom King (Myōō) in Buddhism.

Luffy attacks Kaidou with a lot of giant punches with “Color of the Supreme King Haki”. Kaidou counterattacks by swinging his kanabo and parrying the punches. Although both attacks are tight, sometimes both Luffy and Kaidou manage to hit each other.

Luffy: “Uoooooooh!!!”

Kaidou: “Aaaaa~~~!!!”

Luffy slows down his attack and stops Kaidou’s kanabo with his left hand. Then he stretches his left leg, blows up his foot, and hits Kaidou’s stomach with a powerful kick.

Kaidou: “Ohhhhh!!!”

Kaidou’s eyes go blank and blood comes out of his mouth. Luffy looks at him very serious and angry. The battle is red hot but…

Cut to the top of the Red Line, to the “Holy Land Mary Geoise”.

“Gorousei” is gathered in the “Pangaea Castle”.

Gorousei 1: “This year’s “Reverie” must be… cursed.”

Gorousei 2: “Let’s set that aside.Now we must focus on “Wanokuni”. Who would have imagined this battle could go so far.”

Gorousei 3: “It’s time to do something… Nico Robin should have been arrested by now. With Kaidou and Big Mom fighting, it won’t be unnatural for someone to die during that battle…!! That person should be erased.”

Cut to the sea near of Wanokuni.

World Government fleet is still there. One of the government agents reports the situation by Den Den Mushi.

Government agent 1: “All ships are still waiting for orders… What’s going on?”

Agent observes something with the binoculars from one of the ships, he’s in shock…

Government agent 1: “Is approaching… A gigantic shadow is approaching…”

Government agent 2: “What did you say?”

Government agent 1: “I don’t know what it is. An island?”

Back to “Pangaea Castle” in “Mary Geoise”.

Gorousei with a birthmark spots on his forehead: “No… That’s impossible! Even to us, that “fruit” has become a legend.For the past centuries, it hasn’t even “awakened” once.

Gorousei with blond hair and a short beard: “Then why did the “World Government”…go out of their way to give THAT devil fruit another name!!”

In the last panel of the chapter, we discovered what Government agent was seeing. The gigantic shadow is Zunesha, the giant elephant that carries the island of Zou on his back. Zunesha is right behind the World Government fleet in the sea near of Wanokuni…

Gorousei: “The reason is they wanted to erase the original name of that fruit from history?!”

Editor’s note: “What’s the true meaning of their words?”