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One Piece Chapter 1034: “Sanji Vs. Queen”.

Chapter starts in the “Pleasure Hall”, in the Leftbrain Tower of the Skull Dome. We can see that explosions are taking place everywhere. Geishas are fleeing from the place, but Osome (the girl “injured” by Sanji) doesn’t want to leave without her pet Chuji. The other geisha tell her they are sure Chuji is fine and that if possible they’d just flee this island and flee Wanokuni (but they can’t).

Cut to Momonosuke, who is grabbing the “Flame Clouds”.

Momonosuke: “It’s a good idea! It’s a good idea! After all, I’m a dragon just like him! I can grab them, Kaidou’s “Flame Clouds”! If I can’t push the island back! At least I can stop it, so we can avoid the worst situation. I won’t let it fall on the “Flower Capital”.

In the “Live Floor” we see that Beast Pirates want to leave the castle but the samurai stop them.

Back to the “Pleasure Hall” in the Leftbrain Tower of the Skull Dome.

Queen is attacking Sanji.

Queen: ““Sparking QUEEN”.

Queen fires a laser beam from his eyes. Sanji jumps and dodges it as he remembers Ichiji’s “Sparking Valkyrie”. Queen attacks again.

Queen: ““Henry QUEEN”.

Sanji: “Woaaaaa!!”

Queen covers his body with electricity and then stretches his neck to catch Sanji. Then he sends Sanji a powerful electric shock. While is attacked, Sanji remembers Niji’s “Henry Blazer”. Sanji falls to the ground.

Queen: “Muhahahahaha!! Do you understand now? These are “Germa 66” techniques! I was actually planning to reveal them after you wear your suit! Judge’s children are the culmination of his abilities”.

Queen continues shooting laser beams from his eyes at Sanji, who dodges them as best as he can.

Queen: “If I can defeat you while you are using your suit… I will prove it to Judge! That I’m a superior scientist than him!”

Queen extends his left arm with the same mechanism that Yonji uses. Then he catches Sanji.

Queen: “A while ago I was just playing dumb. I actually know “Germa Science”! I’ve done all kind of research projects about it!”

Sanji: “Put me down!”

Queen: “All your brothers’ abilities can be replicated!”

Sanji: “Don’t treat them like if they are my family…”

While is trapped, Sanji remembers Yonji’s “Winch Danton”. Queen starts to spin.

Queen: ““Winch QUEEN”

Sanji: “Ahhhh~~~!!!”

Queen makes Sanji crash with walls and doors at high speed as he spins around. Hits make Sanji bleed. However, Sanji uses a flaming kick and destroys Queen’s arm (Sanji breaks the cable that connects Queen’s claw to the rest of his arm).

Queen: “Ahhhh!!! My hand ~~~~~~!!!”

Sanji: “Hah… Hah…”

Queen: “Damn brat…”

Sanji: “Let me give you some advice… Don’t say the name of THAT GUYS in front of me… “Flanchet Strike”!!!”

Queen: “Guoh…”

Sanji hits Queen’s stomach with a powerful kick that makes him bleed from his mouth.

Sanji: “Look!! There’s no way my kicks don’t work with you!! You’re weakening too”

Queen: “………”

Sanji: “I’ve already accepted my “destiny”!

Suddenly, Queen laughs and turns invisible. Sanji is astonished.

Queen: “Next one is your own ability, “Stealth Black”.

Sanji: “Can you do that too?”

Sanji also disappears, although it’s not thanks to the invisibility. Queen is shocked.

Queen: “What? He disappeared again!! He’s not wearing any suit!! So he has disappeared because he’s moving at “high-speed”. When he reappears, he would’ve used tons of energy already… Stupid.”

Suddenly, a small mouse enters the room where Sanji and Queen are (but since they are both “invisible”, it seems there is no one in the room). We see that Osome is hiding in the rubble and she sees the mouse.

Osome: “It’s Chuji, it’s safe!”

Osome comes out of the rubble and goes to pick up Chuji.

Osome: “Hurry Chuji, I don’t know when they will fight again.”

Queen hasn’t moved from the room, so he can see Osome.

Queen: “Osome! Is she still able to move? She rejected my proposals dozens of times. Even today she rejected me too!! After Komurasaki’s death, you are the No. 1 for me now!! You always rejected me saying you were sick. But now I can see you are perfectly healthy!”

Queen is getting closer to Osome little by little.

Queen: “So THAT “HEAVENLY PUNISHMENT” wasn’t enough for you? Then I’ll give you another one!”

Sanji is flying in the air and manages to see Queen approaching the girl. Sanji prepares to attack Queen.

Sanji: ““Exoskeleton”, “strength”, “speed”. All of them are combined. The “Color of Arms Haki” that I have been training, is combined with the “exoskeleton” too… And now my legs are much stronger and can withstand heat greater than before!”

We see that Sanji’s leg shines brighter and his flame is more powerful.

Sanji: “Ifrit Jambe” (Demon-God-Wind-Leg)

Sanji flies towards Queen while he thinks to himself.

Sanji: “The speed is different! The strength is different!”

Sanji yells at Queen, he is very angry.

Sanji: “I’ve solved the mystery, so it was you!? Queen! Bastard…!”

Sanji realizes that he didn’t hit Osome, it was Queen who did it while he was invisible.

Sanji: ““Collier” (Neck Meat)!”

Osome: “Kyaa.”

Queen: “Buoooh!!!”

Sanji hits Queen, who turns visible again. Sanji then chains some attacks in different parts of Queen’s body.

Osome: “What? Queen-sama!”

Sanji: “Shoulder Roast”, “Shoulder”, “Shoulder Rib”

Queen: “Aghh!!”

Sanji: “Collar”, “Stomach”, “Tail”, “Thigh”, “Shin”!

Queen: “…!!”

Sanji: “Fly, you scum, “Beef Burst””

Queen: “Ough~~~~~~!!!”

Sanji attacks Queen with a powerful kick. Queen blows away, Sanji’s leg has now fire and with lightning effects…