One Piece Chapter 1032 is set to be released this Sunday, following a one-week break. Chapter 1032 will continue to show us the battle between Zoro and King. Although the chapter is yet to be officially released, some of the latest information regarding the upcoming chapter has been revealed. So now, I will be sharing them with you in this post.

One Piece Chapter 1032 title, “The Dear Sword of Oden”.

– Marco transformed into a Phoenix and goes with Izou.

– It seems that Number Fuga is Yamato’s friend.

– Brook and Robin fall from the sky above Fuga’s head.

– The CP0 goes after them, but they are injured by the fire youkai that also falls from the upper floors.

– Apoo discovers the CP0 and takes pictures of them to sell to Morgans.

– CP0 knows Drake’s true identity.

– Apoo and Drake will fight against CP0.

– We will see King vs. Zoro, it appears that King has a special dinosaur body (like Queen).

– King returns to his human form and fights with his sword against Zoro.

– Zoro: “Is it a Fishman? Does he have a Giant’s blood? He obviously has the power of a race I don’t know. If I don’t solve the mystery, I won’t be able to defeat him.”

– The Enma sword reacts to the sound of a Shamisen that Zoro hears in the distance (Shamisen is a traditional Japanese three-stringed lute which is being played by Hiyori in the chapter).

– Orochi also hears the Shamisen and approaches the place where it comes from. In the end, he meets Hiyori.

No Break Next Week.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!