Thanks to Redon from Arlong Park Forums. One Piece Chapter 1029 is titled “Tower”.

Chapter starts where the previous one ended. Kaidou’s subordinates are shocked to see that Queen’s sword has been broken when it contacted with Sanji. We see that Sanji’s right cheek has sunk a bit due to the sword strike, but Sanji is fine.

Kaidou’s subordinates realize that Sanji didn’t use “Color of Arms” Haki to break Queen’s sword. Then Queen remembers something Judge once said in the past. As Queen speaks, we see Sanji stretches his cheek and fixes his face.

Queen: “Judge said he was going to create humans with “exoskeleton”…! With great “resistance and recovery power”…! With “inhuman strength”…! And with a “heart of ice” with “no emotions!”

As Queen says this, he prepares his laser beams. Chopper looks at Sanji amazed to see that he has broken a sword with his neck. Sanji remembers his brothers and gets panicked. Sanji is afraid that, if his powers continue to awaken, he may lose his heart as well. Suddenly, Sanji runs away as Queen fires his laser beams at him.

Sanji: “Wait a minute! (What’s happening to my body?) (Think Sanji, what did you do to trigger this awakening?) Let me think about it!”

Queen: “Muhahaha!”

Some of Kaidou’s subordinates shot at Sanji when they see that he is running away. Some of the bullets hit Sanji’s head, but they don’t affect him at all.

Kaidou’s subordinates: “We hit the target…”

Sanji: “That hurts!”

Kaidou’s subordinates: “Huhhhhh!?”

Queen chases after Sanji while he shoots his laser beams at him.

Queen: “Muhaha! Show me the battle suit!! Show me more of Germa’s science!”

Cut to the 2nd floor of Onigashima castle.

Big Mom is still fighting Law and Kid. We see that Kid is down on the ground with severe headache while Law asks what’s wrong with him. Big Mom combines Hera and Napoleon to create a thunder sword and is about to finish off Kid.

Law uses “Chambres” to teleport close to Big Mom’s head and then uses “Countershock” attack to hit Big Mom with a powerful electric shock in her face. Prometheus launches himself at Law using a new attack called “Stolen Fire”. The attack burns Law, who falls down to the ground.

Big Mom recovers, jumps, spins in the air and then swings her sword down at Kid with a new attack called “Mama-Raid”. Kid and Law are down in front of Big Mom, but they are still trying to get up.

Big Mom: “Hmm?”

Kid: “Hah… Hah… A headache!? No…! What is happening to me!! Now… that I’m finally in front of a “Yonkou”! What will happen if I die this way? My life as a pirate will be…!”

Big Mom: “Mamahahahaha!! It’s funny Kid!! Are you going to die even if I do nothing!?”

Law: “…!!”

Kid: “Damn…”

Cut to the 3rd floor of Onigashima castle.

We see Hawkins Vs. Killer. Killer yells at Hawkins to stop while he’s laughing. We see that the source of Kid’s headache is Hawkins, because he’s banging his own head on a pillar.

Hawkins: “Ohh, you have eaten “Smile” too!! How bad can your life get!!”

Killer asks again Hawkins to stop, we see that Killer has cracks on his mask. Kid Pirates are surrounding them but Killer tells them not to interfere. They are worried about Killer, since the fire is spreading throughout the 3rd floor and they must leave it as soon as possible.

Killer once again begs Hawkins to stop and says he will give his life in return if it’s necessary. Hawkins starts kicking Killer.

Hawkins: “Looks like Kid is fighting Big Mom. Finally he gets his wish… Fighting a “Yonkou”.”

Killer: “Hah. Hah. Then leave him alone!!

Hawkins: “What is the point of fighting a battle you cannot win! If you can’t cut me down then you can surrender. I will tell Kaidou to forgive you. Can’t you see the reality? They have ruled the seas for a long time! Compared to them, you have no chance to win!”

Killer: “Isn’t your voice cracking? Because deep down you are also regretting YOUR OWN CHOICE…! We have already managed to live through the future you feared so much!! Fufufu.”

While he’s listening Killer, Hawkins remembers the proposal that Kaidou made to him to be his subordinate.

Hawkins: “You will soon regret choosing that future!!”

Killer: “I too have decided to take a risk now. I will do what need to do so that I don’t have any regret. Although I have no idea what’s going to happen…! Hah… Hah… I have 2 questions for you… First one, what will happen if the damage I give you HAVE NOWHERE to go?”

Hawkins: “…? What do you mean…!? You know how my power works…! As long as the straw dolls are on my body, all the damage you give me will go to Kid!!”

In a cool double page we see how Killer jumps towards Hawkins and cuts off his left arm.

Kaidou’s subordinates: “Ehh? Hawkins-san!”

Hawkins: “Ahhhh!!! Why did you cut off my arm!!? All the damage will go…”

Killer: “Kid doesn’t have a left arm!!!”

As Killer says this, we see Kid’s metal arm separates from his body. Hawkins looks at Killer terrified. Killer grabs Hawkins’ severed arm and rips a straw doll out of it.

Killer: “Second question. If I take THIS DOLL out… What’s left to protect you? Hah… Hah…”

Hawkins: “Congratulations…! That is my last one… (Damn, this is something unexpected.) “Strawman’s Card” “Grim Reaper” upright position.” “Card of Annihilation”! Then I’ll just get rid of you heads on!”

A huge voodoo doll comes out of Hawkins’ sword and tries to attack Killer with his scythe. But Killer is faster.

Killer: ““Zanshu Claw” (Beheading Claws)!”

In another incredible double spread, Killer cuts voodoo doll’s head off. Kaidou’s subordinates are amazed.

Hawkins: “Strawman never dies…! It can be revived by using my cards!! Show me the result of this battle! ”

Hawkins draws another card and looks at it seriously.

Hawkins: “The “Tower”.”

Killer is approaching Hawkins at full speed. In another impressive double page we can see how Killer attacks Hawkins.

Killer: “Jin Sonic”

Kaidou’s subordinates: “Hawkins-san!”

Killer slices Hawkins’ face and body. Hawkins falls defeated, Kid Pirates are very happy. Hawkins entire deck of cards falls scattered on the ground next to his body.

A text box explains us that the meaning of the card “Tower” is “the destruction of the old”. But it also has another hidden meaning, which is “a new path”. Then we can see that Kid rise up again in front of Big Mom.

Big Mom: “Wow, what’s up!? You’ve suddenly recovered… Kid!!”

Kid: “Ohh, my body feels light…”

The chapter ends with a Killer panel.

Killer: “Go, partner!”