One Piece Chapter 1029 got delayed due to a break as the chapters earlier were releasing constantly every week. The upcoming chapter will be released on October 24, 2021, but we might see the raw around the 22nd of October.

Depending on your location, the chapter will be out at the following times:

Pacific Time: 8 AM PT
Central Time: 10 AM CT
Eastern Time: 11 AM ET
British Time: 4 PM BST

The fights are getting so intense with each and every chapter. Finally, the climax is about to start with Momonosuke saving the flower capital, CP-0 preparing to capture Nico Robbin, and the final fight between Luffy and Kaidou is about to happen.

In the previous chapter, we saw that CP-0 and Rob Lucci around the Onigashima. They’re working with two motives now – The first motive is to make Wano join the World Government if Kaido gets defeated. The second motive is to capture Nico Robin.

World Government warships are on their way to annex Wano. They also want to get their hands on Nico Robin, who they say is hiding in plain sight. Therefore, the Strawhats will continue to face challenges long after the conflict is over.

It will be interesting to see what kind of power World Government brings to Wano. There will be no admirals present, as Lucci said it was an order from above. The Special Science Group (SSG) could appear in action for the first time very soon, who knows.

Also, Sanji was looking powerful in the last chapter and now he might have a good chance against Queen. The next chapter will give us a better look at Sanji’s new power. And it would be fascinating to see Sanji overpowering Queen in the battle.